The Covent Garden Marching Band – Laurence Cumming’s Photo Montage of a Memorable Day

Laurence Cumming (photo by P.M. Butler)

Laurence Cumming (photo by Peter M. Butler)

Introducing my good friend and colleague, Laurence Cumming, Photographer Supreme, who has faithfully assisted me in covering events for Jazz&Jazz ever since I first met him at The 100 Club several years ago.

Since I have been capturing events for YouTubes, Laurence has ensured Jazz&Jazz is not lacking for high class photographs at major events such as the annual Covent Garden Rent Collecting Ceremony.

The photo of him above is a still captured from one of my videos as we caught a fleeting sight of each other pursuing the Marching Band en route around Covent Garden on Thursday, 18th June this year.

The following random montage of photographs were all taken by Laurence


Evening Concert in The Courtyard


John Keen, John Wacher, Digby Fairweather, Chris Hodgkins & Dave Gelly


Dave Gelly, Julian Marc Stringle & Eric Gilchrist









Emile Martyn

Emile Martyn

Chris Hodgkins

Chris Hodgkins











Concert in The Courtyard from the balcony.


Tina Garrett, Vice Chairman, Covent Garden Area Trust


Tim Wacher Leader of The Marching Band













Colin Graham – a Touch of Brass

Tim on Trombone

Tim on Trombone


Focus on Digby

Focus on Digby









Pretty Polly on Parade

Alan Bradley and friend.

Trumpets to the Fore

Trumpets to the Fore!











Still en route

Still en route!

John Wacher

John Wacher

Laurence captures me capturing the band on my magic lens.

Laurence captures me capturing the band on my magic lens for YouTubes.










My good friends Maureen and Ron had a great day out!

My good friends Maureen and Ron had a great day out!

Presented by Peter M Butler Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz
with grateful thanks to Photographer Laurence Cumming

The Marching  Band included:

Digby Fairweather,
John Keen, Chris Hodgkins
and John Wacher.
Reeds: Julian Mark Stringle, Eric Gilchrist,
and Dave Gelly.
Trombones: Chris Gower, Phil Brown
and Tim Wacher.
Banjo: Alan Bradley.
Sousaphone: Colin Graham.
Drums: Don Cook and Emile and Ben Martyn.

For the full Jazz&Jazz Feature on the event visit:

The Covent Garden Marching Band Fine Tunes and Joyous Rent Collecting!

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