Gary Wood’s “Jazz Meets Gospel” Compilation: Parts 1 to 12



L to R: Satchmo; Roger Evan, keyboard; Chris Green, bass; Gary Wood; Ronnie Fenn, drums: Dan Foster, sax

Gary Wood launched his “When Jazz Meets Gospel” Special earlier this year and I was privileged to film one its first showings at Olney Jazz Club back in May. Over the weeks since then I have produced and featured a sequence of Jazz&Jazz Posts and YouTubes highlighting the presentation.

Now it’s time to bring them all together in this Post:
The Gary Wood “Jazz Meets Gospel” Compilation: Parts 1 to 12
Each post contains the relevant YouTube.

“When Jazz Meets Gospel” Part 1 The Gary Wood Swing Band

“When Jazz Meets Gospel” Part 2: Louis Armstrong

“When Jazz Meets Gospel” Part 3: “Go Down Moses”

“When Jazz Meets Gospel” Part 4: “Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho”

When Jazz Meets Gospel Part 5: “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”

When Jazz Meets Gospel Part 6: Nat Aderley “Work Song”

When Jazz Meets Gospel Part 7: Duke Ellington “Come Sunday”

Jazz Meets Gospel Part 8: John Coltrane “Resolution”

Jazz Meets Gospel Part 9: “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”

Jazz Meets Gospel Part 10: “When The Saints Go Marching In”

Jazz Meets Gospel Part 11: “A Child Is Born”

Jazz Meets Gospel Part 12: “What A Wonderful World”

Just one of the twelve YouTubes presented in the sequence:

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