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Unfortunately The Weave’s launch gig at “The Spice of Life”, Soho, London, on the 9th July was sabotaged by the London Tube Strike and only the bravest fans made the hazardous journey  – see the comment from my friend Paul Goddard below. But Paul sent me two photos he took at the launch and I am only two pleased to reproduce them here to add just a little more publicity for this great band.


My original post published in April read:

Back in December, 2013, I posted a Jazz&Jazz feature entitled “Cold, Wet and Sockless? Entertaining Nevertheless!” with the introduction: “The Weave is a Liverpool based Jazz Sextet which veers more towards modern jazz, but with their own entertaining, exuberant and amusing twist as demonstrated in their  video, “Cold Wet and Sockless”. 

Starring at London's Spice of Life. The Weave will launch their new album there on 6th June.

Starring at London’s Spice of Life. The Weave will launch their new album there on 6th June.

One reviewer even described The Weave as “Satchmo-like … you can easily picture yourself sitting in a dark and smokey American jazz club. This is no wonder, since the two trumpeters have played in a New Orleans-style band for some years.”

Perhaps my personal preference leans towards – not so much UK and European Trad – but New Orleans Revivalist Jazz. However, my priority is to promote live jazz, today’s jazz, and particularly jazz played by our emerging new generation of jazz bands, with their own fans in their own preferred venues, and their own “twist”, yet with profound echoes of past great eras.

The Weave Band Leader Martin Smith emailed me: “Although I guess you can say our music is fairly contemporary, I personally don’t deal in those terms… there is only music, regardless of when or where it was made. The power of New Orleans Jazz to lift the human spirit is unrivalled for me, and just as potent and relevant now as it ever was.”

Starring at Wigan Jazz Festival

Starring at Wigan Jazz Festival

Today “The Weaves” soulmate Derek Lovelady emailed me about their second album which is due for release in June: It’s probably not got owt on it pertinent to your website, but I thought you may like to take a peek at its cover artwork and some amusing photos here:  facebook.com/theweave3.”

Not pertinent to my website, Derek? Let’s be the judge of that when the album is released on 6th July. In fact, Jazzers, Martin tells me “The Weave” have a launch gig booked at “The Spice of Life”, Soho, London, on the 9th July. So be there if you can!

Meanwhile, jazz fans, discover more about “The Weave” on their website.

The December, 2013, Jazz&Jazz post: “Cold, Wet and Sockless? Entertaining Nevertheless!”

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    The Weave has grown !
    At their album launch at The Spice of Life this July, it was a larger group that appeared on many of their numbers.
    All members of last years ‘Weave’ remain unchanged, as does their style of Jazz, which defies placing into any of the familiar pidgeon-holes; but the driving rhythm that is so much a feature of much of their work is enhanced by Stuart Hardcastle on Percussion, and by the introduction of Vibes played by Vidar Norheim as a further front-line as well as rhythm instrument.
    We were all unfortunate in the choice of date, which co-incided with the ‘Tube’ strike; to get there we improvised by using the ‘River Bus’ service from Blackfriars (most impressed by the service; had all the efficiency of the Greek ferries – something they excell at!) to get there, and please do not mention going home; to allow for held-up late-comers the start was delayed for half an hour, and even then many ticket-holders had failed to arrive. Very disappointing for the band.
    Once they were able to start they were really well received, and in the second set they included a guest appearance of Lucy Mercer on vocals and guitar, adding another musical style.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Really sorry to hear about the Tube Strike messing up the Spice of Life gig. I had wanted to get to there myself but had prior commitments to Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle. I suppose a lucky escape for me, but a bit of a disaster for the band. The Weave deserves better by far so I wish them huge future success without such mishaps.

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