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A day or so ago a colleague commented on Jazz&Jazz: –

“The vast majority of those you go to Jazz Festivals are mostly OAPs on limited finances. I am no different, so it’s fair to say that the vast majority of those visiting festivals throughout the country tend to be very selective, and of course as it is in life, want best value for money. I am afraid festivals (and clubs) will struggle to survive as the number of Jazz supporters dwindle year on year – sadly”

Despite this recurring belief that Jazz has had its day, it simply isn’t so! People say the musicians and fans are past their sell by dates and don’t attract younger audiences. Again, not so! There is a Jazz Revival! Numerous younger bands with growing numbers of enthusiastic young fans are making their mark – here in the UK, on the Continent and in the USA. But they tend to be selective with their venues, preferring clubs and festivals which attract younger followers and growing – not declining – fan bases.

Whenever the opportunity arises Jazz&Jazz features such bands and festivals. But the real trick will be to ensure continuity because, as we all know, the senior musicians and bands have so much to offer – so much to hand on to their aspirational successors. This isn’t just down to one group or another but to cooperation – joint participation – at all levels.

Jazz&Jazz is dedicated to keeping jazz LIVE AND ALIVE and to acting as a live online link between the jazz generations, valuing exchanges of views on all things jazz. In fact a young musician said to me just recently that he could see Jazz&Jazz as a catalyst for bringing the jazz generations together and furthering these goals. You can make your thoughts known in the Comments Sections below this and any Jazz&Jazz post. So don’t hold back – have your say!

The Social Media

Jazz&Jazz uses and cross references to the Social Media to further these goals. So to outline the full scope of the “Jazz&Jazz Online Campaign for Jazz” below are the associated social media Jazz&Jazz websites – most of them open for interactive involvement.

lease watch out for an announcement soon on another Jazz&Jazz Campaign to achieve these goals.
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This is my personal FACEBOOK PAGE.
It invariably also covers and promotes jazz.

Peter Mark Butler
(Jazz and Jazz)

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Jazzers aims to promote jazz and share jazz news and views. It is a key adjunct to this site, Jazz&Jazz, which is my primary site. Jazzers interacts with Jazz Bands, Musicians and Fans and is dedicated to keeping jazz LIVE AND ALIVE, especially by spotlighting our emerging new generation of bands, musicians and fans! The Group is only open to my Facebook Friends upon request, or by recommendation from other Group Members.

The more members of Jazzers who contribute posts the better, but I also welcome your views in the Comments sections below each feature on Jazz&Jazz. Please get involved.

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View my ever increasing number of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: 250 to date with with many more filmed and awaiting production. And at the time of posting this, 139 subscribers and well over 82,000 views. The YouTube Channel operates in conjunction with this and my other sites listed here. It too is dedicated to promoting jazz for Jazz Bands, Jazz Musicians and Jazz Fans.

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The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Page

Having been involved with Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle since its launch in 2011,  I created the Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Page in support of their Annual Festival and monthly Club Sessions. Your views and contributions to the page are always welcome – and especially your “Likes”.

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle / Peter Mark Butler

I launched this Facebook Site in association with the Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Page to enhance promotions for the Festival and Club Sessions and to receive and respond to news and views.

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Lemsford Jazz Club

I am pleased to have been associated with, and to support Lemsford Jazz Club since Brian Smith (aka “Smiffy”) made the wise decision to launch it in place or the former Peartree Jazz Club in Welwyn Garden City in September, 2014.

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 Like Page: Jazz&Jazz Entertainment Website

I would appreciate if fans would visit and “Like” this this page to boost awareness of my aims of promoting jazz via

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My next Jazz&Jazz Promotional “Like” Page yet to be launched.

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Your help in using these associated web sites to promote jazz would be hugely appreciated. Also watch out for Jazz&Jazz Promos on Twitter & Linkedin.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. Norman & Meryl says:

    Hi Peter We have to take issue with the ‘colleague’ who made the statement above. We have just returned from Chateaunauf-du-Faou in Brittany, where ex-Blue Magnolia reed player Trevor Stent, has once again put on a fantastic weekend of Jazz to suit all tastes. Sant Andreau Jazz Band stole the show last year, but this year the smaller bands, featuring very talented young musicians, were the stars. Although the weather was unkind this year, I believe numbers were up, and, particularly on Sunday, in the rain, the festival was buzzing with the 20s/30s local French. It is a pity you didn’t make it down there with us again, but maybe you should point your pessimist ‘colleague’ down there next year – I feel sure he would come back with a much improved view. The one band that surprised us most, were a bunch of very energetic young people calling themselves, believe it or not, ‘OLD CHAPS”. You should feature this band on your site, as we would say their singer Dreo de Lille could well be seen as a new ‘Amy Winehouse’ !!! (the early unspoiled one!) Love to Ginny. Norman & Meryl

  2. Norman & Meryl says:

    PS Should have added – go to where you will find a lot of info on Old Chaps Norman

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