Marooned on The Ouse!


When Olney Jazz Club fans took a cruise on The Ouse the adventure surpassed all expectations! The weather was gorgeous and Julian Marc Stringle, Alan Haughton and Bobby Orr were brilliant, mesmerising fans into mellifluous waterborne fantasies.

Until ……  when manoeuvring for the return journey the boat’s propeller became snarled up by debris and everyone – fans and 1-Ouse-Cruiseband – were ordered to abandon ship!

In the words of Graham Mabbut representing “What an eventful night we had!  The weather was just right, Julian, Alan and Bobby played beautifully and it was a most enjoyable cruise until we turned the boat and picked up an anorak wrapped around our propeller.

Julian Marc Stringle

Julian Marc Stringle

“We did eventually get the propeller freed and cruised back with Alan and the equipment to Priory Marina for quite a late night finish. The Boatmaster and the Crew would all like to thank the fans for their kind consideration and response to a difficult close to the evening.”


Alan Haughton


Not so much difficult as eventful, Graham, and I’m sure Olney fans will want to thank you and the crew for saving the situation.

For sure they went home savouring the adventure and especially Alan’s, Bobby’s and Julian’s wonderful waterborne music!


Bobby Orr and Julian

The following YouTube captures us all waiting to be rescued from the depths of The Great Ouse! Filming on board wasn’t easy so YouTubes 1-3 were taken on my iPhone. But despite the cramped space, this YouTube, taken with my superior iPhone/Sony Camera Lens combination, captures Julian, Alan and the fans whiling time away whilst waiting to be rescued!

Next up on The Great Ouse: Amy Roberts with Alan and Bobby on Thursday, 16th July.
Lifebelts will not be required! Contact Alan Haughton.

Swans on The Ouse seen from the Cruise

Swans on The Ouse seen from the Cruise

The Great Ouse embankment,

The Great Ouse embankment











Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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