“Acker, As I’ll Remember Him”


“I’ve been planning to paint Acker for a few months now and wanted to convey this particular image of him grinning whilst playing the clarinet after something has amused him,
which is how I’ll remember him.

“Acker’s concerts were always a light hearted affair and he got as much enjoyment from making the audience laugh with his dry sense of humour as he did from playing jazz. I’m particularly proud that this painting is going to Acker’s family because as you may or may not be aware, Acker, as well as being a great clarinet player, was also a superb artist.”

Alan Bateman

Thank you for allowing me to include your wonderful portrait of Acker on Jazz&Jazz, Alan. Below is one of Acker’s landscapes as featured on Ian’s moving YouTube Tribute to Acker.


Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz
With kind permission of Ian and Alan Bateman

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