New Orleans Z’hulus Storm Soho’s Blue Posts



Emile Martyn, Philippe de Smet, Dan Vercruysse, Jesper Capion Larsen

Emile Martin was heard to exclaim “I told you!” during Brian Turnock’s introduction to The New Orleans Z’hulus’ session at The Blue Posts, Rupert Street, Soho, on Tuesday, 12th May. It was a phenomenally successful gig and the pub was packed full with fans.


Bee Ororo with Philippe de Smet, Jesper Capion Larsen and Brian Turnock

Filming for YouTubes would have been nigh on impossible had I not arrived early enough to claim a bar stool and perch precariously at the very front within feet of the band. Even then there was little room to swing a cat let alone a camera such was the crush. But Emile encouraged me when he said: “You’ll manage it, Peter. You usually do!” and later on he arranged it for me to film from behind the bar just in time for guest singer, Bee Ororo.

It was all great fun and my one regret is that I was so close to clarinetist Jesper Capion Larsen during his brilliant rendition of “Burgundy Street Blues” that it was simply impossible to film him. And yet it was a regret tempered by the wonderment of watching really close up his fingers glide smoothly over the keys.

Not to be left out, Emlle Van Pelt behind the bar!

Not to be left out, Emlle Van Pelt behind the bar!

The Blue Posts was the Z’hulus third pitstop during their extensive 2015 UK tour. Get your skates on and you’ll still be able to catch them before the tour ends on 22nd May at Farnborough Jazz Club. Visit The New Orleans Z’hulus 2015 UK Tour Dates

So thank you Brian Turnock, Dan Vercruysse, Philippe de Smet, Emile Van Pelt, Emile Martyn, Jesper Capion Larsen and guest vocalist Bee Ororo.

But now for the YouTube Close Ups and it was such an enthralling gig I can’t resist featuring several of them!

A joyous jazz time was had by one and all!


Emile Martyn, Bee Ororo, Philippe de Smet, Jesper Capion Larsen & Band Leader Brian Turnock

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. Norman & Meryl says:

    Jesper must have been standing in for John Defferary, the Z’hulus usual and amazing reed player. What a shame you didn’t get the video of Jesper doing ‘Burgundy Street’. Jesper, and ‘Doc’ Houlind’s Revival Band ‘blew us away’ when they played for us back in May 2013. We have ‘Doc’s’ band booked again end of September, when ‘Doc’ returns from Denmark for an 8 day UK tour, and it will be great to experience Jesper doing the business again for us. I haven’t checked, as yet, but I should think ‘Doc’ has his tour details on his website by now. Norman & Meryl ‘Jazz4Fundz’ Lancaster Boys and Girls Club.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Brian mentions on the introductory YouTube that Jesper is standing in for John who is recovering from a bad fall.

  3. Joe Croll says:

    After having them at the Salisbury jazz club, I caught up with again at the Blue Bird club. Another typical Z’Hulus gig , excellent. My only complaint was that they finished at 11 , I wish they had played for another hour.

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