Introducing “The Bardi Manchot”

Le Bardi Manchot

True to our aim of featuring the emerging “New Generation of Jazz Bands”* Jazz&Jazz is pleased to introduce Toulouse based “The Bardi Manchot”, founded as recently as 2012. In their broken English this exciting young band introduce themselves as playing “the music of youth, young dead certainly like King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton, but young still!”

Puzzled? Let me continue by quoting from their website ……

“Drawing directly on the roots of Jazz, Ragtime and Blues, The Bardi Manchot play the music of New Orleans as they have learned during their many trips there – with soul and passion!  … last summer at the Montreal Jazz Festival they were escorts of New Orleans singer Emily Estrella.”

The Bardi Manchot offer, in their own words, a “directory for drinking, dancing, living or dying”, but always with enthusiasm! A bit extreme perhaps but they are certainly grabbing attention and will be a star act at this year’s Fest Jazz, Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany.

The Festival Programme describes them as “An up and coming young band from Toulouse. The classic repertoire of the greats (Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver) but with an approach that is fresh and innovative. Not to be missed!”

LE BARDI MANCHOT – Basin Street Blues – Official Video

Drawing directly on the sources of New Orleans Jazz and Blues, their musicians are:

Pierre-Jean Meric: bassBandPic2
Marc Maffiolo: saxophone
Joe Santoni: banjo, guitar
Quentin Bardinet: banjo
Nicolas Vezzoni: trumpet
Rémi Souyris: clarinet
Eric Pollet: trombone
Ophelia Luminati: washboardRedManchotLogo

And their very Latest Youtube: “Egyptian Ella”

* “New Generation of Jazz Bands”

Fest Jazz Brittany Full Programme
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Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz


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  1. Trevor Stent says:

    Thanks for featuring Le Bardi Manchot, Peter. We will be pleased to welcome them to Fest Jazz this summer and they do represent a growing movement of young traditional jazz players. The video you show in the article is however rather old and they have developed since then…try this extract from their CD released in January:

  2. Trevor Stent says:

    It’s me again…here is another young band that will be at Fest Jazz this summer: The Hot Sugar Band from Paris:

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