In Honour of Chris Barber on His 85th Birthday



 Friday, 17th April, 2015, a highly auspicious day in the Jazz Calendar, marked by this supreme portrait in Alkyd Oils of Master Musician Chris Barber, completed especially to celebrate the occasion by Jazz Artist, Alan Bateman.

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  1. Ben Rinia says:

    Great Day , and Great portrait from the master of European Jazz !

  2. Marion Aitken says:

    I first found Chris in a pub in 1955, the complete original band with Monty Sunshine, Pat Halcox, Lonnie Donegan, Ron Bowden, Jim Bray and Dickie Bishop. From that day to this, I have followed Chris through the many personnel changes and variations to style that has always and continues to present the very finest music and talent. A trip to the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, on the BA inaugural flight on that route, produced an upgrade to business class and the band playing as we flew across the Atlantic. Dr John joined the band for a wonderful session at Tipitinas on the East Side … Amazing memories to carry into my twilight years … 60 years of fantastic music.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    Well said, Marion – I’ve sent your a FB Friend Request as I’d like to invite you to join my Jazzers Group.

  4. Dear Chris. First of all: have a jolly good celebration on your 85th birthday. Then I have to tell you that you have been very important to me, in developing a real interest for and understanding of jazz, I have met you once, when you visited my home town Trondheim.

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