“FRUMPY … that’s how JUST JAZZ was recently referred to!”


The April issue of Just Jazz arrived this morning and
Jim McIntosh’s Editorial immediately grabbed my attention.

Editorial reproduced with kind permission of Just Jazz.

Jim wrote: “Frumpy … that is how Just Jazz was recently referred to. I saw this on the Internet, the magazine being mentioned in a discussion concerning ‘Social Media’ (Facebook and all that stuff) ……”

I’ve reproduced Jim’s Editorial here so you can read it for yourself. Jim-EditorialW

Jim often comments on features which appear on Jazz&Jazz and both he and Pete Lay are supportive of my efforts on behalf of jazz. In fact over the months they have run articles about Jazz&Jazz (links below) and in this year’s March Just Jazz my efforts received favourable mention.

I believe they both know that my preference is Traditional Jazz – or rather New Orleans Revivalist Jazz – but nowadays I’m stretching the boundaries on Jazz&Jazz to include Mainstream Jazz which, it has to be admitted, many musicians enjoy playing just as much as Trad. Plus many Jazz Clubs these days find that they thrive better if they include both Trad and Mainstream. I’ve included features on such issues on Jazz&Jazz.

Plus, I take every opportunity to feature on Jazz&Jazz our emerging younger generation of jazz bands – because we are definitely witnessing a jazz revival amongst young people. But we need to accept that whether they play Trad, NO Revivalist Jazz or Mainstream, or a mix of each with new compositions of their own included, although they enjoy playing in established clubs, their main aim is to attract and establish a following of younger fans in their own chosen venues.

Social Media
Jim went on to discuss ’Social Media’ which he himself uses. Jazz&Jazz itself is NOT a Social Media site. Far from it. But it does invite comments on each post and I am grateful to Jim for regularly using this feature.

But I too use ’Social Media’ – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, along with my own Jazz&Jazz YouTubes to help promote Jazz&Jazz.

The Jazzers Group
My main Social Media tool is my Facebook Jazzers Group. This is a “Closed” Group which folks can join only with my approval. But I certainly don’t restrict membership to bands and musicians of my own choice or preference. I welcome a wide range of musicians, bands and fans – from around the world. (Mind you, I prefer to draw the line at out and out “Modern Jazz”).

So whilst not all Jazzers will necessarily agree with some of the Posts on my Facebook Jazzers Group – or on Jazz&Jazz for that matter – I trust all of you will all accept the genuine goals of, as Jim puts it in his Editorial, “striving for perfection, entertaining and making people happy!”

Jim’s Editorial concluded: “Max Collie took on a similar challenge nearly 50 years ago, just after the Trad Boom, amidst the Beatles furore etc. “No chance!” they cried! His young band then proceeded to take the UK and Europe by storm, The USA followed a few years later …”

Max Collie Plays the Granville Theatre, Ramsgate, 2011, with Gentleman Jim on Banjo in the background}

Max Collie stars at the Granville Theatre, with Gentleman Jim on banjo, during the 2011 Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival,

Jazz&Jazz YouTube featuring TJ Johnson’s recent 100 Club Tribute to Phil Mason:

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Photo & YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz


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