TJ Johnson’s 100 Club tribute to Phil Mason: “In The Sweet By-and-By”

“In The Sweet By-and-By” was just one of the high points of TJ Johnson’s January, 2015, spectacular at The 100 Club.

All the more so in view of the tribute he paid to the great Phil Mason who passed away in 2014.

Jazz&Jazz counts it a privilege to share that tribute here.

Heralding A 100 Club Jazz Revival?


Imagine a 2015 Jazz Revival at The 100 Club! What a wonderful tribute that would be to the jazz greats who have fallen in recent years, including Phil Mason, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Terry Lightfoot, Ron MacKay and Pat Halcox. (Tributes can be found to them in the JAZZ FEATURES section of Jazz&Jazz). Perhaps TJ, with Adrian Cox’s assistance, will get the ball rolling with another gig in the near future?

Meantime, here are the links to the selection of YouTubes I have posted featuring TJ’s 28th January Spectacular:

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