Reviving Swing With The Electric Swing Circus


In keeping with our aim to introduce emerging, younger
generation bands, Jazz&Jazz is delighted to feature

“The Electric Swing Circus”

The 1920s/40s American Swing Era introduced a new breed of jazz musicians including Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Buster Bailey, Benny Goodman and Count Basie. 

Since 2011 “The Electric Swing Circus” (ESC) has been reviving Swing, not in America but throughout the UK. ESC – A 6-piece fusion of “saucy 20′s swing” – bring their own unique style to Swing and an “explosive sound that reverberates back through time”.


2014 was a big year of festivals and international touring for ESC, and they have a
new album in the pipeline this year.

Their bookings for 2015 are rapidly proliferating, including Trevor Stent’s upbeat Fest Jazz at Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany, 24th – 26th July. It was Trevor who first drew my attention to
Electric Swing Circus.

But much sooner than Fest Jazz is their star slot this coming Friday, 13th March, in London at the Coronet Theatre’s “Valentine’s Masked Ball”.
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Electric Swing Circus’s line-up features Laura Louise and Bridget Walsh (vocals), Chandra Walker (drums and keyboard), Tom Hyland (guitar), Rashad Gregory (samples, MPC & synths) and Patrick Wreford (bass & bass synth).

Electric Swing Circus Website:
mail[email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Vincent Pluchet says:

    Hi Peter,
    very nice piece of swing…
    while wandering on youtube, I fell down on this:
    those are not babies, though much younger than me….and you! but I liked the way they play…what do you think of that UK band?
    congrats for what you share with us
    …unfortunately I don’t find such news in France…

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you Vincent for introducing “King Candy & The Sugar Push” to me – I’ll make a note to feature them. Especially as I’m featuring as many as possible of our younger bands to show that jazz is far from dead!

    I’m glad you appreciate Jazz&Jazz – why not recommend it to your friends in France.


  3. Ken Jackson says:

    Some really great young bands and musicians working in London:

    Basin Street Brawlers

    Pete Horsfall

    Ewan Bleach

    Giacomo Smith’s Kansas Smitty’s

    Notice how they are also playing to young audiences!? Shock/Horror!!

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks, Ken.

    I’ll get round to featuring them. I’ve listed a good many younger bands in my post “Let’s Avoid The Jazz Generation Gap”:


  5. Trevor Stent says:

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for putting Electric Swing Circus on the site, I am sure they will bring an extra dimension to Fest Jazz this year. I am certainly looking forward to seeing them. And I hope Vincent Pluchet will be there too! There are many good young bands in France just as there in the UK… you just have to go and find them.
    Keep up the good work, Peter!

  6. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Trevor

    Thanks for that. As you’ll see from Ken Jackson’s comment above the list of younger bands for features is growing. I plan to get to them all. Nowadays I’m dividing my time keeping up with features on Jazz&Jazz, videoing bands and musicians for YouTubes and even at long last getting back into painting jazz portraits. Juggling which to do next!

    Best wishes


  7. Norman says:

    Electric Swing Circus will be at the Kazamier Club in Liverpool on April 10 for the ‘swingers’ who live up this way ! I have the best ‘Hot Five’ in the UK on on Friday March 6 Norman ‘Jazz4Funds’

  8. Ken Jackson says:

    Thanks Peter.
    Those musicians I mentioned are indeed well worth featuring. All are very talented and their music is very much rooted in the American jazz tradition.
    All the best,

    p.s. How do I join in the ‘jazzers’ facebook group? I tried to join but it didn’t work for some reason?

  9. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Ken

    Thanks for getting back to me again and I believe I owe you an apology. Are you the Ken Jackson on Facebook with the parrot on your shoulder? If so, I’m afraid I ignored your request to join Jazzers as you show no Jazz Friends or other FB Friends. I get so many scam requests which I need to be careful about so I hope you understand my caution. If you can confirm that this is indeed you, I will send you a Friend Request and when you accept that I’ll be able to join you to Jazzers.

    Also please let me know a little more about yourself and your involvement with / enjoyment of jazz as your FB page says nothing about this – presumably because you’ve only recently joined FB.

    Hope this puts things right.


  10. Norman says:

    Vincent Pluchet ( Feb. 8 ) pointed us to King Candy and the Sugar Push, and on their site video they are good too. Can’t quite understand, though, why they have no gig list dates, so we might get a look at them ! Norman ‘Jazz4Fundz’

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