Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band’s July UK Tour & 2015 Programme

Bandleader Tamás Ittzés has contacted me with details of Hungary’s Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band’s July UK Tour & 2015 Programme:

UK Tour
Thursday 16th July 8.15pm: The Pump House Jazz Club
Local Board Road, Lower Watford High Street, Watford, WD17 2JP
Friday 17th July 12.30pm: Spice of Life Jazz Club
6 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5NA
Friday 17th July 8.00pm: Bay Jazz Club
Botany Bay Cricket Club, East Lodge Lane, Enfield, EN2 8A6
Wednesday 22nd July 8.00pm: Amersham Jazz Club
Beaconsfield SYCOB Football Club, Windsor Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks. HP9 2SE
Thursday 23rd July 8.00pm: Electric Palace Cinema
King’s Quay Street, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3ER


Tamas also wrote to me:
See our Newsletter header above? The logo depicts our 25th Anniversary and it’s already five years old as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. For this jubilee we have a few special occasions and deals:

1) 30th birthday gala concert in Budapest, February 26, 2015 – our greatest task ever
We are celebrating our 30th anniversary in the greatest and most representative concert hall of Hungary, in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in the Palace of Arts in Budapest. It has great acoustics and holds 1,300 people. Our birthday gala concert is entitled La femme Fatale and it takes you through all aspects of women’s nature with the help of the greatest jazz standards that are about love and human relationship. We’ll feature (don’t be shocked, read on!) opera singer Viktória Vizin who is a Kecskemét native but resides in Chicago and has performed in places like the Metropolitan Opera, the Carnegie Hall, Los Angeles Opera and the London Covent Garden jut to name a few. I heard her sing jazzy songs and I immediately asked her to join us. I have rehearsed with her and she is great, a VERY good voice with an astonishing stage presence and with not at all operatic approach when it comes to jazz. The concert programme contains absolutely new materials for us, too, and special new arrangements. It gives us a lot of work but with the Viktória and with many dancers it will be the greatest (and biggest) task we have ever undertaken and I believe and we have done a few. It will be a 2-hour show with constant music, great dancers and a great singer. We are really putting a lot of energy and work into this project therefore I hope to see many of you coming over just for this conert. If you really like the Bohéms, it is a must. Email us for details if you wish to come. If you are ready to come, see this link for ticket purchase.
Tamás Ittzés

Tamás Ittzés

2) 24th International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival – are you taking the very last seats?

This year our festival (March 27-29, 2015) will be moved into a new venue because of a big renovation of the local cultural centre where we can return next year. In 2015 the Bohém Festival will be in the best hotel in Kecskemét, the Four Points by Sheraton. A great venue indeed, but it has a capacity for only 400 people, rather than the cultural centre’s 600. We are already very close to full house. Therefore if you want to come and enjoy GREAT music (Echoes of Swing, Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick, Attila Korb and his European All Stars featuring some of the greatest young musicians of the continent and, of course, the Bohéms), don’t hesitate. Take the last seats! Also, we have a large group of visitors who are taking our 7-day package and we take them around a little and organize their whole stay. The group has grown so big that we already had to split them into two neighbouring hotels in Budapest and had to switch to a bigger bus, thus we still have about 10 seats on the bus. Please, check out our offer for the 7-day package here: – special discount for VIP-members as always (if you’re interested, check out our VIP-membership programme here:

3. International tours
We will be doing tours this year in England (Tour Schedule above), France (July), Denmark (August), and Switzerland/Austria/Germany (October). If you are in any of these countries, please check our schedule and come and see us while we are in your area. Here is our Gig list for 2015:

4. New releases
Because of the jubilee year, we will be releasing new recordings. One is for sure: the live recording of our 30th birthday concert. (So if you can’t come, you can still have it.) And at least a “Best of” CD is in the air. We’ll keep you postd, stay tuned! Until then you can check what CD’s and DVD’s we have available in our Bohém Webshop, see here:

And, of course, in the meantime, you can enjoy our music for free on YouTube. Happy listening! And Happy New Year!

With Bohém regards,
Tamás Ittzés


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  1. Fest Jazz says:

    And the Bohéms are with us in Brittany throughout the weekend of Fest Jazz (24 – 26 July)! It’s going to be great!

  2. Peter Butler says:



    Dear Peter,

    The most important things mentioned in this newsletter are here:

    Here are the details:

    The 24th International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival with fantastic line-up is just 4 days away. The Echoes of Swing, Stephanie Trick, Paolo Alderighi, Malo Mazurié, Evan Arntzen, Dave Blenkhorn, Sebastien Girardot, Guillaume Nouaux, our own Attila Korb and, of course, the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band will be playing. If you can’t make it to Hungary, we’ll help you and bring the whole festival into your living room through the internet: just click on our website ( or use the direct link ( and enjoy the show!

    The Live Webcast starts at 7 pm on Friday (March 27, 2015), all times are given in CET (Central European Time Zone) thus in the UK it starts at 6 pm, in New York it will be at 2 pm etc. (but for the Sunday session the difference between Hungary and the US will be 1 hour more as we’ll have the Daylight Saving Time change from this Saturday to Sunday).

    Our orchestra is 30 years old this year and we would like our audience to put together our tunelist for the festival. Please vote for our Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band programme here (check the best tunes out of 62 – there are lots of links to help you to choose):

    Thanks for voting and hope you’ll join us at the festival either in person or through the internet.

    With Bohém regards,

    Tamás Ittzés

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