Christmas Greetings To My Jazzers Friends Everywhere!


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And what better Christmas scene than my painting of The Sun Inn, Lemsford. Especially as Ginny and I returned to the village, our wonderful home for 19 years, and to The Sun to join so many old friends at their joyous village Christmas Party last weekend. Including village jazz man, Bob Thomas of Thomcat Fame.

I wrote this poem to go with the painting. Perhaps it captures the warmth of Christmas conviviality.


To complete the ensemble, here is my Art&Verse print of Hushed Lemsford


My very best wishes to you all for Christmas and The New Year!


Editor & Proprietor of Jazz&Jazz

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  1. And we wish you and Ginny everything you would wish yourselves for a satisfying, healthy and happy Christmas time. Maybe you will risk a trip beyond Watford this coming New Year to one of our Jazz Evenings (Well recommended !!) Otherwise we will hopefully meet up with you again in July, for some more of that great festival of music at Chatenauf du Faou ! Norman & Meryl

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you, Norman and Meryl. Let’s hope one of those dates works out. Especially Chatenauf du Faou!

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