Don’t Stop the Music! It Can Change Our Children’s Lives!

I’ve not long been back from one of the most wonderful jazz festivals it’s been my privilege attend. Why a privilege? Well, besides the fact that Fest Jazz in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany, was faultlessly organised and featured great bands, including Tuba Skinny from New Orleans, for me there was one particular BIG band which stole the hearts of the fans.


Joan Chamorro presents the St Andreu Jazz Band

The name of that band? The Sant Andreu Jazz Band from Barcelona, Spain. And the stars of the band? Barcelona school children and teenagers!

Based in the Sant Andreu Municipal School of Music in Barcelona, the band is made up of young musicians aged between 7 and 20 who flourish under the musical direction of their inspirational band leader, Joan Chamorro.

So why is it that have I entitle this post “Don’t Stop The Music! It Can Change Our Children’s Lives”?

James Rhodes

James Rhodes

Because thats the subject of an appeal international concert pianist and music teacher James Rhodes recently launched via to UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

“I started to look into the state of music provision in primary schools across England and I was shocked at what I found.

“In one school I visited the annual music budget was just £2.20 per pupil. Some teachers even told me they have no money at all to spend on music. Thousands of children, I discovered, are missing out on a music education.”

Courtesy of lets allow Nicky to explain his appeal himself:

And now, here is my YouTube of Joan Chamorro and his inspirational students in
The Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

If such a high standard of music education can be achieved in Spain, why not in the UK.

Please participate! Click here for the link to sign Nicky’s petition.

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  1. Like me, I am pleased that you have agreed that James Rhodes’ and Joan Chamorro’s outlooks are one and the same, get youngsters into the world of music early, even if the genres of their musical beliefs are different. You and I were both privileged to meet Joan in Brittany, he’s a very charismatic and inspiring character,and I would say him and James Rhodes must be from the same mould. I hope one day they both meet up. Perhaps that could happen when Andrea Motis and Joan bring their Quintet to Pizza Express at the end of this month !!!

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