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How often do we overlook worthwhile jazz venues and events right under our noses?

EmilyDankworthThomas Syson emailed me some time ago about jazz gigs he runs at “The Ent Shed” in the centre of Bedford, just minutes away from my home. He wrote: “I see you advertise venues and gigs around Bedford and generally spread the word of jazz! I have had bands from all over the world in, including guys from New York like Frank Basile. I also have a support act and a jam after each session which is a lot of fun. I’m a jazz musician myself and I’m very keen on sustaining and improving the scene in the local area.”

Yes, Thomas, I do feature jazz in and around Bedford and I agree it’s about time I featured “Jazz @ The Ent Shed”! Especially as The Emily Dankworth Trio are starring with you on September 4th! Back in June my wife and I were delighted to see her grandmother in a Cleo Lane special at The Stables.

So, Jazzers, for full details, here is the link to The Ent Shed’s website: http://jazzattheentshed.weebly.com

And their “Whats On” page: http://jazzattheentshed.weebly.com/whats-on.html

The Julian Siegel Quartet

The Julian Siegel Quartet starred at The Ent Shed earlier this year.

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  1. Gareth wilcox says:

    This Ent shed is very good but you really need a new stage redecorated it shabby and the toilets need a lift NEW CURTAINS would be an advantage to the presentation of the groups that play and the comedians etc in all its the stage that needs a great over haul .
    When entering my friend and i could not help noticing the amount of folk that just come in and don’t pay you really need to address the boys running the show let to many in and this is not on when others have paid good money to see the show we travel all over to jazz nights and are full members of the stables at
    MK We travel a fair way to your shed and enjoy the place i hope this has been helpful .

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