Fest Jazz Features Joan Chamorro’s Star Studded Sant Andreu Jazz Band

I have followed Joan Chamorro’s incredible youth band for some months on Jazz&Jazz so it was a huge privilege to meet him at Fest Jazz and even to become Facebook Friends.
His work with his 
young stars is inspirational – hardly matched any where else in the world
let alone in the UK.


Here they are performing “All Too Soon” en plein air in Châteauneuf-du-Faou’s town square.
None too soon for me, that’s for sure.

Back in January, 2013, I featured Joan and Andrea Motis, one of his young proteges, in my post entitled “Encouraging Signs for Jazz in Europe, So Why Not in the UK?”.  Be sure to read Pete Lay’s comments which follow the article.

So why not in the UK? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to welcome this amazing youth band to our shores? If Trevor Stent and Fest Jazz in Brittany can do it, surely we can! You can have your say in the “Comments” section below.

More Fest Jazz YouTubes will follow, including the equally inspiring and refreshing Tuba Skinny stars and the Saint Andreau Band performing to packed audiences in the Grand Marquee.

Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Ann White says:

    Saw them at the Fest Jazz, Chateauneuf du Faou. SO glad my friend and I arrived in the tent early- it was packed out! Never heard such an ovation in France for any other music event. The children were outstanding in ability and presentation- they have taken the place by storm. Yes would love to get them to visit UK ! What about contacting Jools Holland ?

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you Ann. Yes, Jools Holland is a good idea and we have it in mind for Sant Andreu and Tuba Skinny. However, it might be a long shot, knowing the BBC musical preferences these days!

  3. Joan Chamorro and Andrea Motis actually have their Quintet at Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho for two nights 30 SEpt. and 01 October. A chance to see the main musicians if not the big Sant Andreu Jazz Band. All details on the Pizza Express website and tickets were still available yesterday. I wish I was not a few hundred miles from London. Norman

  4. Peter Butler says:

    I’ll check it out!

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