Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band Rocks Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Fans



Mike Brewerton; Derek Scofield; Dave Rance; Henry Harrison; Brian Webb and Doug Parry.

Saturday 12th July, 2014, and the sun shone brightly over Ramsgate’s picturesque harbour and seafront. But that didn’t keep Seaside Shuffle Festival fans away from The Small Boat Owners Club, where the sun shone equally as brightly courtesy of Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band and the fans’ rapturous applause.


Fans love Seaside Shuffle’s monthly gigs and especially the Annual Festival. It might be small scale compared with other festivals but the fans prefer it that way due to its intimacy and the rapport that comes from being able to mix with the bands.

More strength to Christine, Ron, John and Paul for organising such successful gigs and helping put Ramsgate firmly on jazz fans’ maps.

Should you be interested in my portrait of  Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band please visit:

Jazz Painting of Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band

NB: The YouTube is best viewed in HD.

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