Tuba Skinny Wow Fans at Jazz Fest 2014


Festival Organiser Trevor Stent has long wanted me to cover Fest Jazz at Châteauneuf-du-Faou in person. Proud to say this year I was there! And, Trevor, this year, marking the festival’s 10th Anniversary, was the right year for me to come along with Ginny, my wife
and, on this occasion, organiser!

Jazz in the Town Square with Tuba Skinny.

Jazz in the Town Square with Tuba Skinny.

It was the right year not only because Tuba Skinny starred but also because of all the other great bands and performances including Joan Chamorro’s outstandingly incredible
Saint Androu Youth Jazz Band.

But this is just a preliminary offering about the Festival. I will post a fuller, grander report later, once I have processed as YouTubes a selection of the wonderful videos I was able to capture.

Photo © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Ivan Halloran says:

    I have been waiting patiently for this event, I am so impressed with Tuba Skinny. I am relishing the moment when I hear them play again. I alway said that Tuba Skinny would hit the top because of their fundamental spontanaity in the way they play. I can barely wait to hear how they perform in this Concert.

  2. Fred Burnett says:

    Looking forward to your full report Peter

  3. Peter Butler says:

    I will probably phase it for maximum impact, Fred.

  4. I know I should have gotten down to FestJazz at Chataueneuf-du-Faou long before this year, but, as a promoter, I made it there this year with fellow promoter Barry Pryme and Peter, mainly to see Tuba Skinny and have some discussion re: a possible 2015 UK tour. Their accommodation Gite being adjacent to Meryl and mine, allowed us several opportunities to get to know these young guys quite well and a breath of fresh air they all are ! Hopefully all our ideas, suggestions, etc. currently brewing in the combined melting pot, will soon marinate into a sensational UK visit !!
    Our hats must be taken off to Trevor Stent, and his team, for organising such a successful weekend of a great variety of top quality jazz. We loved it all, the location, the food and the kindness of the weather ! Something for everyone, from Manouche through every genre to Klezmer ! Interesting that the local newspaper got pianist Ben Waters (UK) as ‘ fabulous Ukranian boogie-woogie pianist’ !!
    All that said, the stars of the Festival just had to be the 35 kids (8 to !8 years of age) from Barcelona, who alternated in the Sant Andreu Big Band finale to a 1000+ audience. Exceptional ! We could not get a seat but could appreciate them adequately from the open sided marquee. A privileged visit to backstage for my wife and I, was an ‘up close and personal’ experience we will remember for a long time. It was quite emotional to hear Trevor say “This is the proudest moment of my life”
    Maybe a quote from USA musician Terell Stafford, who recently guested with Sant Andreu, sums Joan Chomorro’s young musicians up better than I could ever do, “There’s a passion, there is desire, there’s feeling, there’s emotion and you can tell that every student has taken an emblematic time to listen to the music. And it comes to them, it comes to their hearts, and in fact it comes to all of us, I mean, we’re all in shock !” We have to have this big band, and Tuba Skinny, in the UK real soon.
    Thanks Trevor and Chateanneuf-du-Faou for a best ever Festival of Jazz. Norman and Meryl Gibson

  5. Peter Butler says:

    Great comments, Norman, which I entirely endorse. I’m currently going through all the videos I took at Fest Jazz and I’ve some great footage for YouTubes. I should post the first one – of Tuba Skinny – on Jazz&Jazz shortly and will follow this up with one of Joan’s brilliant Sant Andreu youngsters. Ginny and I were in prime position right behind the Light/Sound Controllers for videoing their final concert.

    And yes, you have echoed my thoughts – lets aim for Sant Andreu and Tuba Skinny here in the UK. I discussed with you and Barry my thoughts about a UK festival for younger bands. I’m even more determined about this now and will shortly share my vision. So let’s press ahead and see if we can get the plans we discussed off the ground. More later. Right now I’ll get to posting the Tuba Skinny YouTube – it could help get the ball rolling.

    I have already emailed Trevor but I endorse your thanks to him.


  6. Lee says:

    I would cross the ocean to see Andrea Motis with the San Andreas Jazz band and Tuba Skinny! That is worth the trip! Make it happen!

  7. Peter Butler says:

    Working hard on it Lee. Meanwhile I’ve posted a Tuba Skinny YouTube. Are you on Facebook? If so you could send me a Friend Request to: https://www.facebook.com/CelebratingJazz?fref=ts
    and become even more involved.



  8. Fest Jazz says:

    We made it happen in Fest Jazz!

  9. Peter Butler says:

    You sure did, Trevor and the Team! So now, there’s a team of us in the UK working hard to do the same. I’ll keep folks updated via this site and my FB Jazzers Group.

  10. Lee may be able to get to Pizza Express in London on 30th. September where he could see the Andrea Motis/Joan Chamorro Quintet perform. OK it isn’t the big band with all the kids but it will be good !!

  11. Peter Butler says:

    That’s got to go in my diary!

  12. Patti Durham says:

    Maybe see you guys on September 30 – am thinking about heading down to London for this gig and it’d be great to see you. And Peter – what a great website you do!

  13. Peter Butler says:

    I’m planning to be there if at all possible. Can’t make the Tuesday so Ginny and I will be there on Wednesday, 1st October.

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