Remembering Cliff Crockett


Photo courtesy of The Shropshire Star.

Celebrating Cliff Crockett – 100 Years Young and Still Drumming!

We have just received the sad news that Cliff is no longer with us:

Fred Burnett  28 May 19:38
This just in from Geoff Inwood:
A sad note to say Cliff Crockett died this afternoon at the Shrewsbury Hospice after a short illness. One hundred years and three months. What a great innings ! He was still playing drums at 100.
Regards Geoff  

So let’s remember Cliff  by recalling how he chose to celebrate his 100th birthday. How else than by drumming up a storm with his beloved Severnside Jazz Band! His other lifelong love and wife Edna said, “His doctor thinks it keeps him young!” Following is how Jazz&Jazz reported that wonderful day.


A kiss for the star! Photo courtesy of The Shropshire Star.


Drumming since he was seven!









Cliff has played drums with The Severnside Jazz Band since 1998 so what better way to celebrate his birthday than by giving a star performance with them at The Four Crosses pub in Bicton, Shropshire?

Trumpeter Lionel Ferbos at the grand age of 102 is the oldest jazz musician in New Orleans. Now the UK has it’s own jazz centenarian in Shropshire so hit the link below to go over to The Shropshire Star for their wonderful spread on his birthday celebrations.

Shropshire centenarian Cliff drums up a birthday bash

The Severnside Jazz Band

The Severnside Jazz Band

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