The Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Hemsby and Ramsgate



The Golden Eagles at Hemsby, September, 2013: Kevin Scott (Leader/Banjo); Roy Stokes (Trombone); Mick Scroxton (Trumpet); Alan Cresswell (Clarinet); Pete Jackman (Drums); Mike Broad (Bass).

Always popular at UK festivals, it was The Golden Eagle Jazz Band’s joyfully dynamic performance at the 2013 Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk, that clinched their booking with Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle.

Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Jazz Club
Now entering it’s fourth year, the Shuffle is bringing New Orleans jazz back to Ramsgate, on the remote south east corner of Kent. It all began with The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival in July, 2011. Now, not only has the festival become an annual fixture, but the Seaside Shuffle Jazz Club meets monthly and welcomes local Kent based bands and bands from all over the UK and beyond.

The Golden Eagle Jazz Band led by Kevin Scott always deliver top dollar entertainment and their Seaside Shuffle gig was no exception. The one sure sign of a good jazz band and an enthusiastic Jazz Club is the atmospherics between the band and the fans as is demonstrated in my following YouTubes. Be sure to listen out for one very special fan!

The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Committee is to be congratulated for sticking with it through thick and thin to establish a viable club in these very lean times for New Orleans Jazz.

Peter M Butler
Jazz&Jazz Editor & Proprietor

Please Note: You should find the YouTubes of a superior quality to the norm. This is due to the recently launched innovative Sony Karl Zeiss “Lens Camera” linked by local WiFi to my iPhone. Discreet but powerful. Kevin Scott emailed me: “The quality of the video is amazing and I’m very pleased with how the song came over. Please feel free to publish anything you want. Thank you for all your hard work in promoting jazz, and for what you do for bands. It is greatly appreciated.”

The YouTubes:


“Canal Street Blues”:

“When I Grow Too Old To Dream”:

Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle – Capturing the Jazz Club Atmosphere :

Hot Jazz with Canine Acclaim at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle : 


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