Hot, Hot, Hot with New Orleans Heat

New Orleans Heat at The Peartree

Thermostatic control went wild at The Peartree Jazz Club on Monday, 21st October, when New Orleans Heat took Welwyn Garden City fans to new heights on the Jazz Richter Scale.

Band Leader Barry Grummett describes New Orleans Heat as “a band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city, be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day. In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands, our motto is “helping to keep the real jazz alive”.

As ever with this phenomenally entertaining band, Jazz&Jazz photos best tell the story of an evening Peartree Fans are not likely to forget in a hurry.

And for full impact, view “Movie Time at The Peartree  Featuring New Orleans Heat”.

Mike Taylor on Trombone, Gwyn Lewis on Flugelhorn










Malc Murphy on Drums, John Scantelbury on Clarinet














Tony Peatman on Banjo, Barry Grummett (Leader) on Keyboard    





Harry Slater on Bass

John Scantelbury on Saxophone

















Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Sid Anning says:

    Dear Peter,

    I have always loved music, in fact most types of music, from some classical pieces to Rock and Roll. Being brought up in the 50’s and 60’s I was really spoiled with the depth and range of music available at that time. As we all know, Rock and Roll was an extension of jazz with many of it’s songs old Jazz Numbers.
    So music and jazz has always been an interest, even though for many years just under the surface. What brought back my interest was listening to the above Band – New Orleans Heat; for me one of the best bands on the circuit. I thought they were superb.
    It saddens me however to learn that many of the musicions in the Band have decided to retire or move on to other things. My fear is that they will lose their unique sound and standards. Please tell me this is not so Barry Grummet, leader of the Band.

    Finally, once again those involved at the Seaside Shuffle at Ramsgate are working hard to make this a special event on the calendar. Please give these volunteers all your support and keep Jazz Alive in Kent.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sid Anning – Plymouth

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Good to hear from you, Sid, and I so agree with your about New Orleans Heat. Gwen Lewis will especially be missed. I managed to catch a YouTube of him just in time:

    I’m still involved in Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle promotion and with jazz in Kent.



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