They Came, They Saw, They Conquered … All in the Nick of Time!

Eyes on Rich!

I recently featured on my Facebook Jazzers Group this stunning photo of Dorine de Wit, eyes wide open and fully focused on Richard Bennett after Tony Leppard announced their engagement. They’ll be wed next year. Huge congratulations, Dorine and Rich.

The occasion was a phenomenal Rich Bennett Band gig at The 100 Club on Thursday, 17th October, and it’s high time to feature photos of the event on Jazz&Jazz.

Rich, his merry jazz men and the beautiful Dorine travelled up from the West County that morning and despite irritating traffic delays, arrived in Oxford Street full of the beans for which they have become renowned. Hardy fans didn’t know what had hit them but revelled in three hours of solid New Orleans Jazz performed with the zip and gusto of bygone eras at The 100 Club.

This was the irrepressible Bennett Brothers first venture to London’s historic seat of jazz but sadly it seems it will be their last, because as of this December these Thursday lunchtime jazz sessions will come to an untimely end.

But we are thrilled, Rich, Russ and gang, that, representing the current flush of a new generation of revivalist jazz bands, you came, you saw and you conquered in the nick of time.

Let the photos tell the story.

The Rich Bennett Band – honouring the past and heralding the future of jazz.

Rich Bennett – true to his dreams! (Photo courtesy Laurence Cumming)

Russ, representing the roots of jazz talent.









Sheer exuberance!




The past gives way to the future








Eyes on the leader





Karl Hurd with “local lad” Adrian Cox (Photo courtesy Laurence Cumming)



Jim Swinnerton, last of his kind at the Club?







Julyan Aldridge aka Baby Jools … …









And some say jazz is dead!



… … A prodigy in the making!





Bubbling with fun!




The ever more popular Karl Hird







Jazz Rapport! (Photo courtesy Laurence Cumming)









Russ cracks great jokes too! (Photo courtesy Laurence Cumming)

Feeling the vibes! (Photo courtesy Laurence Cumming)

Capture that smile! (Courtesy of Laurence Cumming)

Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz, and courtesy of Laurence Cumming


Of all musicians I find the drummer the most difficult to photograph. Especially jazz drummers. And more especially phenomenal jazz drummers like the great Colin Bowden with their full frontal style! The Bennett Band’s drummer, Julyan Adridge – fondly known as Baby Jools and in his early 20s –  is of the same ilk as Colin and, in time, threatens to reach his stature with those wild, flaying, but oh so accurate sticks. I have featured two of my photos of Jools above but here are two more capturing his blurred sticks at warp speed.

Peter M Butler
Owner and Editor of Jazz&Jazz 

Yes, jazz has a future!
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  1. Pete Lay says:

    They certainly have pushed the age boundaries – they have just played a successful gig at Sinah Warren for Pete Lay’s Jazz Festivals and that youthful exhuberance shines through. Dorine as gorgeous as ever!!

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Indeed, jazz has a great future!

  3. Susan Ponting says:

    We saw Rich Bennett at Keswick and are so hooked we booked them for our wedding in March. They are sensational and we only wish everyone could see their talent and they could get the recognition they so greatly deserve. Sadly, my partner broke his neck last August but he’s getting better and we hope to see much more of them in the future.

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