Peartree Fans Spellbound by Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits

Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits at The Peartree

Google Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits and you will find a plethora of coverage. But Colin needs to do little to promote his band these days. The personnel may have changed over the years but as one jazz writer put it when describing Colin as a classic stylist, “all the true blue jazz fans from the 50s know who Colin is”.

Trombone Maestro

The Bandits have starred since 1956 and in the intervening years have toured Denmark, Holland, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the USA.


So having revelled in their top of the bill Grande Finale at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle last year, I was delighted when Smiffy booked The Bandits for the Peartree Jazz Club’s gig on Monday, 20th May. They held the audience spellbound with their range of New Orleans originals in their very own smooth, laid back style. But that’s not to say they didn’t mix it a bit and turn up the heat when the mood took them!

Dave Fawcett

It was a just great to see Peartree fans enjoying the jazz and tapping their feet to Colin on trombone; Peter Brooks on bass; John Lawrence on trumpet; Dave Fawcett on banjo; Malc Murphy, drums and vocals and masterful as ever; and John Lawes on clarinet and vocals.

As Smiffy announced at the end of the session, Bandits, you will be invited back to Welwyn Garden City!

Malc Murphy

(Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

John Lawrence






Peter Brooks






John Lawes





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