Introducing The Jubilee Jazz Band from Jávea, Spain

The Jubilee Jazz Band

“The coastal jewel of Jávea is bookended by rocky headlands and is a prime example of old world meets modern energy. The “old town” district is filled with remains of walls built to keep out pirates, as well as a 14th-century church. Visit the beautiful white-sand Arenal beach, brimming with shops, restaurants and, in the summer, hopping beachside bars and nightclubs.” (

Sounds idyllic as does the authentic six-piece vintage Jubilee Jazz Band which hails from Jávea and has been introduced to Jazz&Jazz by their trumpet player and webmaster,
Mike Summers.

Jubilee play “a lot of the early New Orleans & Chicago repertoire (1910-1930) including marches, blues and rags, but also plays some slightly later jazz too, including songs by George Gerschwin, Walter Donaldson, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington.”

So Jávea may be the ideal location for jazz fans planning a trip to Spain. You can explore The Jubilee Band’s website to meet the band and discover where and when they are playing in Jávea and nearby Pedreguer.

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  1. otto de raadt says:

    When you perform in Javea this summer I would like to meet you.

  2. I look forward to seeing you play live this summer

  3. Syd says:

    I have recently submitted an article for Just Jazz Magazine regarding The All that jazz band out of Torrevieja, a fifty minute drive south of Alicante. I will forward it to Jazzers soon if it will be of interest Peter.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Yes, Syd, I would be interested in posting the article on Jazz&Jazz, but first, which issue of Just Jazz Magazine is it to appear in? I ask because no way should Jazz&Jazz preempt Just Jazz, the long established voice of New Orleans Revivalist Jazz, but rather work with it in on behalf of jazz. Pete Lay, Editor of Just Jazz, has recently returned from New Orleans and tells me he is encouraged by the emergence of a number of new, young bands recapturing the jazz of the golden years. One such band is Tuba Skinny which Jazz&Jazz recently featured ( We plan to feature some of the other bands very soon. Lots going on, lots to keep up with, in Spain and France as well.

  5. Mike Summers says:

    Hellot Otto,
    I’m sorry I didn’t see your post or reply sooner. Right now The Jubilee is performing at both La Nucia and Pedreguer on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Please see the website for more details.
    Best regards, Mike Summers

  6. Mike Summers says:

    Thanks. See my reply to Otto. MIke

  7. Mike Summers says:

    And thanks for featuring The Jubilee Jazz Band, Peter. Very kind.

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