Announcing Iris Harmon, “S’Wonderful”

Twice I’ve heard Iris Harmony singing at The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City. And twice I’ve thought “this lady is good, she’s got rhythm, she’s got swing”. Then I learned she’d made a CD so I bought one and asked her to sign it for me: “Iris Harmony”!

Iris says on the CD cover: ‘Having spent most of my life performing live, the suggestion of recording was instantly quashed: “It’s not what I do,” I said … “Why?” I asked myself the very next morning and, you know, I couldn’t think of one good reason. So here is it!

‘I do hope you enjoy what “me and my buddies” have put together. Recorded with fun, laughter and much love.’

 In Tribute to John China

More poignantly Iris adds, ‘Since making this recording, sadly, John China has died. His contribution on this CD was enormous and helped me to feel special. We will all miss
his beautiful piano.’

Iris wows the fans with Bill Freeman’s New Orleans Jazz Band at The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City


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