A Very Sad Farewell to Lynda and Bernie

Barely four months since Bernie Tyrrell’s funeral we learned the sad news that Lynda Tyrrell departed this world on Tuesday, 19th March. 

Subscribers to The Jazz Guide might have read about Lynda’s passing in a very touching message about her final hours from by Terry Cheney. Terry worked closely with both Lynda and Bernie in producing the Jazz Guide since the early 1990’s and Lynda asked him to promise to “look after her jazzers” by ensuring the Jazz Guide would continue and thrive.

So what better than to reproduce here Terry and Sarah’s very special message about “Team Tyrrell”.

As you will see, Lynda’s funeral service will be at 1.00pm on Thursday, 4th April, in the Willow Chapel at Milton Keynes Crematorium, but Terry requests that would anyone planning to attend the service please telephone Lynda’s brother Colin first on 01268 733583.

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  1. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you for your confidence in Jazz&Jazz, Walt. However, I should point out that the Jazz Guide continues to flourish due to the dedication of Terry Cheney who had worked closely with Bernie and Lynda for the past 20 years. It was their wish that he should take over publication of the Guide and with him it is in safe hands.

    In comparison Jazz&Jazz is still in its infancy but due its online presence and immediacy your suggestions are worth consideration. But I should point out that at present Jazz&Jazz has no income resource. In time this may change which might make your suggestions and exchanges with American Rag and Mississippi Rag feasible.

    Keep in touch.

    Peter, Jazz&Jazz

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