The Frenchmen Street Band – via New Orleans to Norfolk

Chris Pearce

Over the years, Chris Pearce starred with numerous bands before forming his Frenchmen Street Band in 2002 after a trip to New Orleans. He stayed above the famous “Snug Harbour” Jazz Club on Frenchmen Street. And this September fans gave a rapturous welcome to the band at The Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk.

So now that you’ve got the connection it’s time to introduce the band pictorially in photographs of their gripping performances which got a glorious weekend of non stop jazz off to a stunning start.

As the Festival Programme billed them, “hot stuff!

You can find out more about Chris and his band on their website at:

Frenchmen Street New Orleans Style

John Watson

Phil Probart












Chris Pearce plays clarinet, Gordon Whitworth, trumpet, and Ron Hills, trombone

Tony Sharp, bass, John Watson, drums

A stitch in time – to the music?










 (Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. Graham Smith says:

    So that your reporting and accreditation is correct and accurate you might like to amended the name of the drummer who was shown in your report of the appearance of Chris Pearce’s Frenchman Street Jazz Band at Hemsby. It was not Ken Wright as reported but John Watson of Pasadena Roof Orchestra He was depping for me as I was on holiday with my family.

  2. Graham Smith says:

    Further correction to your report on Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Jazz Band at Hemsby. The trumpet player was Gordon Whitworth, who was a last minute call up to stand in for Tony Davis who was sadly hospitalised but who is recovering well and hopes to be back playing in the spring of next year.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Graham. As I just posted on Jazzers, much appreciated: “Thanks so much for that, Graham. Oversight on my part. Corrections made – a plus of Jazzers that such blatant errors can be pointed out rapidly. Without thinking I went by the Festival Programme and failed to heed the announcements.”

  4. Peter Butler says:

    This correction also made and I can only reiterate my reply above. Careless on my part. I’m grovelling but very much appreciate just this kind of input as well as laudatory comments.

  5. Chris Pearce says:

    Thanks for the kind comments.The street is Frenchmen Street after the New Orleans street of that name.

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