Rich Bennett’s Band Brings the House Down at The Autumn Parade

The Rich Bennett Band at the Autumn Jazz Parade, Hemsby, Norfolk

Announcing the Rich Bennett Band at September’s Autumn Jazz Parade, both Pete Lay and Mike Pointon warned fans to take a tight grip on their seats and be prepared for a walk on the wild side! And they weren’t far wrong!

Back in November last year in an article featuring The Rich Bennett Band  I wrote “jazz oldies by far outnumber younger fans and if trad jazz is to make a powerful comeback we need to applaud it’s rising stars”.

Rich Bennett and his brother Russell do just that with their group of young musicians who share their joyous, driving style. And although their father Martin Bennett might beg to differ, the two of them are not so old themselves!

Richard’s passion for the New Orleans sound and its revival never fails to fire up audiences all over the UK and the Hemsby fans were no different. They may be a tad long in the tooth but if they hadn’t already taken to the dance floor they were on their feet applauding the band’s youthful exuberance. A riotous time was has by one and all and what’s more, the CDs were a sell out!

So what better than to share here the photos which I took of Rich and Russ Bennett, James Evans, the charming Dorine De Wit, Baby Jools and guest bassist Trefor Williams in full flight!

(Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Russell and Richard in Jazz Juxtaposition

Russell and Richard in Jazz Juxtaposition

Rich and young star Dorine de Wit

Rich in characteristic pose








Brother Russell

Cheeks fit to burst!










James Evans

… on sax












Julyan (Baby Jools) Aldridge

Dorine De Wit: Jazz Starlet on Banjo and Vocals


Stars of the Show












Trefor Williams, starring as guest bassist.

Jazz Duet












Russell, Richard and James


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  1. Trefor Williams says:

    Great fun and a great privilege to work with the youngsters. It takes me back 30 or so years!
    Thanks, guys! God bless you.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Let’s get and keep youth jazz on the road! This kind of band already has a following of younger fans. We need to spread the good news to all areas.

  3. Ivan Halloran says:

    I am a jazz presenter on Radio 2lVR. 97.9 Valley FM her e
    in NSW, Australia, and use Fred’s program to keep a track of jazz in England and other countries around the world. I have heard interesting reports on the performance of your band. Please let me know of your CDs so that i might include some of your materiel in my program “Mostly Jazz”. I have been researching Jazz for over 60 years, and presenting on radio for 10 of those years. My only interest is the promotion of Trad, to a younger and younger audience in the hope that we can grow stronger, as we older jazzoes die off. Yours in jazz, Ivan Halloran, 3/8 Danilenko Street Parkes NSW Austraila 2870. PS. I enjoyed your breezy, layout. Would like to hear from you.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Hello Ivan. By Fred do you mean Fred Burnett who runs http://WWW.JAZZNORTHWEST.CO.UK?

    Jazz&Jazz is my website featuring all things jazz along with my jazz portraits and photos. This blog features my photos of Rich Bennett’s band at the Hemsby, Norfolk, festival this year. It includes a link to Rich’s website but I am in contact with the band so could introduce you to Rich if you wish. His is a fantastic younger trad band. I would very much like to stay in touch with you especially in view of your aims to promote traditional jazz to younger audiences. That is my aim too – as you say, before we all fade away.

    If you wish, I would also be happy to feature your programme on Radio 2IVR on this site. Simply let me have a brief write up about the programme and your interests perhaps along with two or three photos.

    With best wishes, Peter

  5. clair york says:

    Could you send me a list of your gigs in Cornwall so we can come and listen as we were really impressed recently?

  6. Peter Butler says:

    I’ll pass your request on to Rich and the band, Clair.

  7. eileen eldridge says:

    love this band are they doing any gigs in Essex

  8. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Eileen

    Not soon in Essex as far as I am aware but they will be at The 100 Club in Oxford Street, London, midday, 17th October.


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