It’s time to reinforce the aims and goals of  Jazz& so please follow and contribute to the debate I’ve launched on my Facebook Jazzers page.

You’ll find it under my post entitled IT’S TIME FOR JAZZERS TO GET INVOLVED!

Frankly put, with ageing bands, musicians and fans, if action isn’t taken soon, jazz and in particular New Orleans traditional jazz will simply fade away. Yet there are younger bands, musicians and fans out there to carry the torch, and they need all the support and encouragement we can give them if they are to stay on track. This is what the Jazzers post is all about.

So join the debate. The more comments received the stronger the case for action! And regular contributions to the post will keep it at or close to the top of the Jazzers page where it belongs. So keep watching out for it.

I’ll  also repost this blog on Jazzers as often as it takes to keep the debate alive. And I’ll refresh the post as often as is needed by calling for more contributions to ensure it continues to get top billing.

What’s more, you can also reinforce the cause by having your say in the Comment Box at the foot of this page as well as on Jazzers.

Then we might even reach a consensus on how to achieve lift off to a sustained revival of New Orleans Jazz, the source of all of our popular forms of music.


Peter Butler, founder of Jazz& & Jazzers

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