Jazz Portrait: Paul Bonner (trumpet), Tony Rico (sax) and Ben Martyn (bass & vocals)

Left to right: Tony Rico, Paul Bonner and Ben Martyn

Jazz painting of Paul Bonner, Tony Rico and Ben Martyn playing with The Fallen Heroes at a “Jazz In the Barn” concert back in 2009 in Throwley, Faversham, Kent. Sadly Paul Bonner died in January, 2011, after an illness spanning several months. I got to know Paul at The 100 Club and Fallen Heroes gigs. He was very personable and always had the time for a chat.
Recently I met up with Tony Rico again and we spoke about Paul.
So I decided to dedicate this jazz portrait to his memory.

Fine art print of Jazz Portrait of Tony Rico, Paul Bonner and Ben Martyn

Sax, Trumpet and Bass

Triple ace,
Sax, trumpet and bass,
Rico, Bonner and Ben,
Fallen Heroes’ men,
Setting the pace.
Martyn on vocals,
Fourth ace high,
As the Heroes reach for the sky!

Jazz&Jazz Copyright © 2011 Peter M Butler. All rights reserved.

I write a poem to accompany each fine art print of my jazz paintings and although this verse was written before Paul Bonner’s untimely death, after some reflection I decided the words highly appropriate.

Fine Art Giclée Prints of this portrait are available, with or without my descriptive poem. Simply email: [email protected] to place your order and help support jazz.

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