Z’hulus Storm Ramsgate

Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle welcomed The New Orleans Z’hulus to Court Stairs Manor and Country Club for their monthly gig on Wednesday, 18th April. Immensely popular at European jazz clubs and festivals, the Belgian band was enthusiastically welcomed by Seaside Shuffle fans with whom they quickly built a warm rapport. The Z’hulus’ repertoire of New Orleans favourites along with a touch of Boogie-woogie evoked sustained, spontaneous acclaim from Shuffle fans. So no need to milk the audience for applause!

Besides which there were two surprise appearances of Seaside Shuffle stalwarts when band leader Brian Turnock invited vocalists Betty Renz and John Myhill to swing along with the Band.

Full details about the Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival in July and forthcoming monthly gigs can be found under Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle 2012 Events: Latest News & Updates on the July Festival and Monthly Gigs.

Formed over a quarter of a century ago, The New Orleans Z'Hulus zealously continue to carry the banner for traditional jazz.

Band leader, Brian Turnock


BRIAN TURNOCK (U.K. Belgium), band leader, plays bass and has been a member of the Z’hulus for over 25 years.

Brian has starred with a host of top bands on the New Orleans circuit. Beginning in the sixties with Keith Smith and after many years with Barry Martyn, Brian settled on mainland Europe and worked with Sammy Rimington and Lillian Boutte.

He has recorded with all of the top New Orleans artists ranging from George Lewis and John Handy to Don Ewell and Lil Armstrong.

Dan Vercruysse




DAN VERCRUYSSE (Belgium) Trumpet. Dan has been with the band for the past four years. He brings a calm and authoritative lead to the band and has introduced several new numbers into the band’s repertoire. A resident of Kortrijk he also leads his own group, The Superior Dance Band. As the title suggests he is a great admirer of Bunk Johnson.


Philippe de Smet


PHlLIPPE DE SMET (Belgium) Trombone . One of the founder members of the Z’hulus, in his early days Philippe was heavily influenced by Louis Nelson. So much so that he was invited to dep when the great man look sick during a Swiss tour with Danny Barker’s Band. He is always in great demand both on trombone and his second instrument, the tenor sax.



John Defferary


JOHN DEFFERARY (U.K. Germany) Clarinet. An outstanding reed man, John has graced many of the top bands for almost half a century. His CV includes stints with Papa Bue, Chris Barber and Trevor Richards. He first came to prominence with Keith Smith’s Climax Band in the early sixties which also included Brian Turnock. His association with the Z’hulus goes way back and he starred on the band’s very first recording.


Emile Van Pelt


EMILE VAN PELT (Holland) Piano. An extremely versatile pianist, Emile has worked with several bands in Europe over the years. He has become more familiar with British audiences recently as a member of Sammy Rimington’s International Band. A solid, hard driving pianist in the true New Orleans tradition, he is both an accomplished rhythm man and soloist.


Lielian Tan


LIELIAN TAN (Holland) Drums. The Z’hulus’ drummer is the outstanding Dutch girl, Lielian Tan. A product of the Conservatory in the north of Holland, she is so versatile that she can adapt to many forms of music. Her love for New Orleans music has developed over the past five years from listening to the masters of New Orleans drumming. She has made several tours with the Z’hulus and adds a much needed touch of glamour to the band.




Trumpet and Double Bass

Drums and Clarinet

Betty Renz, far right, who back in 2010 inspired the launch of Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle, guests on vocals with The Z'hulus

John Myhill (left), Chairman of The Seaside Shuffle Organising Committee, takes his turn as guest vocalist with The Z'hulus.

(Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. Trefor Williams says:

    So sorry I couldn’t be there to see and hear some of my good friends, but I had to play a rehearsal that night with a 30 piece choir for some forthcoming concerts. I’m sure they lit the place up. They are all good fellows who know the “meat and potatoes” of New Orleans music. I’m glad the attendance was good. You are all doing a fine job for jazz. Thankyou and much blessings.
    Trefor Williams.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for that, Trefor. And please keep the comments coming to help promote the Jazz&Jazz website. In fact, please, anyone genuinely dedicated to jazz do take the time to add your comments to any posts on the site to help in our crusade to support trad jazz. But please note, comments from SPAMMERS will not be approved!

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