From Jelly Roll to King Creole, The Frog Islanders Take The Peartree by Storm

The Frog Island Jazz Band hit the heights yet again at the Peartree Monday Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, on 20th February.

Always favourites with Peartree fans, the Frog Islanders set the pace with their dynamic repertoire of 1920s and 30s jazz, from Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers to King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. Formed back in 1962, the band hails from deepest Essex except for local lad, clarinetist Jim Hurd from Potters Bar.

Watch this space for a special Jazz&Jazz feature on the 50th Anniversary of The Frog Island Jazz Band coming soon.

Keith Durston (piano); Jim Hurd (clarinet); Dave Price (banjo); Rob Fullalove (tuba); John Whitehead (cornet); Chris Marchant (drums); John Jeans (trombone)

Dave Price and Keith Durstan

Rob Fullalove and Chris Marchant










Enthusiastic Peartree fans applaud the Frog Islanders

 (Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

View the Jazz&Jazz portrait of Jim Hurd on Clarinet and John Whitehead on Cornet.

View the Jazz&Jazz portrait of Chris Marchant on Drums at The Music Factory in New Orleans.


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  1. David Price says:

    On your Frog Island page, I liked the photo of the full band as unlike other photos, you can see every member.

    Thanks also for the plug for the DAVID PRICE SWING THING. I do hope more jazz club promoters will consider us. We’re a 4 piece with 5 instuments; mega banjo (similar to guitar), clarinet, piano, double-bass, and drums with nice vocals playing a refreshingly different repertoire. It’s the only one of it’s kind formed especially for every type of jazz club.

    – hope to see you all soon.

    David Price 01277 824616

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for the comment, David. Given that I’m also photographing for portrait references I aim for all angles as well as positioning for the full band, even though drummers, pianists, tubas and bass players are usually hidden behind the reeds. Nor do I use flash to avoid annoying bands and fans. I use digital white balance to get the results. Please keep the comments coming.


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