The Rich Bennett Band – Keeping the Spirit of Jazz Alive

Richard Bennett (Photo © D J Mastin)

Jazz oldies by far outnumber younger fans and if trad jazz is to make a powerful comeback we need to applaud it’s rising stars.

So seeks to promote and revive the unique ethos of traditional jazz not only by featuring modern day greats but also by focusing on the vitality of its emerging stars.

But Richard Bennett got there first! The Rich Bennett Band includes Richard’s own selection of hand picked younger musicians who share his own exuberant and driving style. Richard’s passion for the New Orleans sound and its revival never fails to fire up audiences all over the UK. Just what’s needed if we are to enthuse a new generation of jazz fans. He and his younger brother Russell are the sons of pianist, vocalist and trombonist Martin Bennett who played with Phil Mason’s New Orleans All Stars.

An extremely exciting trumpet player, fine vocalist and respected band leader, and although based in North Cornwall, Richard is in great demand on jazz circuits and has toured extensively all over Britain and Europe. You can get the latest news about the band and their gigs at:

Pete Lay, Gambit Jazzmen’s leader and drummer has also starred with Richard, and has now booked The Rich Bennett Band for the Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk, from Friday, 28th September to Monday, 1st October, 2012. Full details can be found under Autumn Jazz Parade 2012.

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  1. Dennis Shaw says:

    Although a pair of 80 year old wrinkles, my wife and I have become mega-fans of yours. We,ve seen you three times at Walmley Social club and each of your gigs at Kewstoke recently. Also we play your Bude CD regularly at home.. I’ve hundreds of JAZZ tracks from Joe King Oliver via Jelly Roll and Satchmo to all the British Trad revival bands not to mention the Duke, the Count and Woody and his Herd etcetera,etcetera…and none give me more pleasure than you lads and Lady…I’ve fallen love with Cape Cod and I’ve never been there.As for your ‘Meet the Nicest People’ I’ve played Fats Waller’ s 1939 version and prefer yours. With it’s ‘nicest people’ theme why not make it your signature tune?

    THANK YOU…THANK YOU..THANK YOU…for the joy you’ve put into our lives…Dennis Shaw

  2. Lesley Giuliani says:

    Bude festival aint what it used to be…limited dancing venues..can’t find your 2014 tour list?? Where to go now??

  3. Annie says:

    I have seen you twice at The 51 Jazz Club. Two of the best gigs I have ever attended. I hope to see you at Great Bookham at the end of this month.

  4. Mrs Aileen Baudrey says:

    Please could you let me have a list of your gigs for 2016, in particular 17th to 20th June. Please could I have the venue for those dates,

  5. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Aileen – I’ve sent this email to Rich:

    Hi Rich

    I just received this enquiry via Jazz&Jazz:

    Mrs Aileen Baudrey
    [email protected]

    Please could you let me have a list of your gigs for 2016, in particular 17th to 20th June. Please could I have the venue for those dates,

    I’ll let Aileen know I’ve redirected the enquiry to you.

    All the best for 2016


  6. Peter Butler says:

    Aileen – Rich has replied he is taking time out for a while and will let me know once he makes plans for the future.


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