Dave Rance, Live at the Peartree, Monday 21 November

The Peartree Monday Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, featured one of the fans’ favourites, Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band on Monday, 21 November, and as can be seen from the photo display, a great time was had by one and all. Keep up the good work “Smiffy”.

Don’t miss The Fenny Stompers at the Peartree on Monday, 19 December – 8.30pm till 11.00pm. Mince pies will be served!

For information about the club and forthcoming bands call Brian Smith (“Smiffy”) on 01707 880569.

See my acrylic painting of Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band:  https://www.jazzandjazz.com/2011/04/rance’s-rockin-chair-band/

Dave Rance's Rockin' Chair Band

Keep Jazzin' Peartree Fans!

Dave Rance on Flugelhorn

















"Me and Jane in a Plane", Brian Webb on trombone











Henry Harrison, John Bartlett & Doug Parry










Derek Scofield, Mike Brewerton & Dave Rance

(Photos © Peter M Butler)


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  1. Smiffy says:

    Once again a brilliant evening thanks to a top band and participating audience. Really appreciate the support of our regulars and nice to see some new faces. Hope to see everyone again for our Christmas bash on 19th December with the Fenny Stompers.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for the comment, Smiffy. You’re doing a fantastic job helping promote trad jazz and especially for WGC based fans who love The Peartree Monday Jazz Club. Let’s keep working on getting those numbers up!


  3. Laurie Fray says:

    A great web site for all of us Trad Jazz fans. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Dave Rance a number of times. A great trumpet player and showman – even some of his jokes aren’t that bad!!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. dave.rance says:

    The Rocking Chairs always enjoy the Pear Tree. Smiffy’s doing a great job
    for British jazz. Please keep supporting him and his club.
    Fenny Stompers 19th December.

  5. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks Dave. Great comments for Smiffy and his Peartree Monday Jazz Club.
    Jazz bands and fans, the more comments like this the better Jazz&Jazz.com will be able to help raise the profile of trad jazz and help get it back to where it belongs, even in the charts.

  6. Peter Carr says:

    I don’t know how you get such good pictures. The lighting is usually so poor; made up for by the music.

  7. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks, Peter. You might have noticed I don’t use flash. I take as many shots as I need to capture the nuances and characteristics of each musician for the perfect acrylic portrait. If I used flash for all these photos I’m sure both musicians and fans would be pretty annoyed. The solution is within the magic of digital photography and of Photoshop. Nor do I consider it sacrilege to use the same digital technology in making prints of my jazz portraits. If the process enhances the original acrylic, so be it. It’s all part of my fine art process. What’s more, it jazzes up my jazz art especially for jazz!

    Hope to see you at The Peartree on the 19th December for The Fenny Stompers.


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