The Fallen Heroes features portraits by jazz artist, Peter Mark Butler. These portraits and his enthusiasm for and growing involvement with jazz inspired him to launch the website, using his portraits and photographs as a catalyst in raising the profile of jazz.

So over to Peter, and where better to begin than with a band whose leader is himself an artist who paints jazz musicians.

Emile on Drums

“When I took my camera along to a “Fallen Heroes” gig in Faversham, Kent, I asked band leader, Emile Martyn, if I could take photos. Upon seeing samples of my work, Emile said to go ahead. Hence my portrait of “Emile on Drums” to which he responded: “Fantastic, Peter, you’ve got a talent for capturing people”.

‘The Fallen Heroes” are famed for their high energy performances of blues, funky jazz and contemporary New Orleans street beat. Emile and his brother Ben are sons of New Orleans based jazz legend, Barry Martyn. A fan at a recent Fallen Heroes gig at the 100 Club said; “Who said jazz musicians are all oldies, this band is full of youngsters”.

“I have also completed a painting of Tony Rico (sax), Paul Bonner (trumpet) and Ben Martyn (bass and vocals). Sadly I belatedly learned that Paul Bonner died in January, 2011, after an illness spanning several months. I got to know Paul at Fallen Heroes gigs, often chatted with him, and his passing touched me all the more in view of my portrait of him alongside Ben Martyn and Tony Rico.”

Paul Bonner on trumpet alongside Tony Rico (sax) and Ben Martyn (bass & vocals)).

Norman on clarinet, Graham on sousaphone and Paul on trumpet. (Photo by P.M.Butler Art&Verse)

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