Featuring Trefor Williams, Double Bass Ace

Trefor “Fingers” Williams is as passionate about “Bertha”, his double bass, as he is about trad jazz, and to cap it all, he is brilliantly versatile with the bow, slap-bass playing and great on vocals too. He tours the UK annually with Sammy Rimington’s International Jazz Band (http://www.sammyrimington.com), has set up his own group, Trefor Williams Select Six, guests with with T J Johnson and his Band  (www.tjjohnson.co.uk/) and currently stars with Max Collie Rhythm Aces (www.maxcollie.co.uk).

Trefor is a good friend and as much a supporter of my jazz art as I am of his superlative jazz solo work. He knows all there is to know about the dynamics of jazz and unquestionably would be a powerful force with any band he chose to join. You can view my portrait of Trefor under Jazz Art.

I took the following photographs of Trefor performing with Max Collie Rhythm Aces at the Granville Theatre, Ramsgate, during this year’s newly launched Seaside Shuffle Trad Jazz Festival.



















Photos by P.M.Butler, Art&Verse


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  1. allie barth says:

    So sad that Trefor Williams has passed away. Jonny Boston, clarinet player with The Revivalists, a young Dutch jazz band, honoured him in a Church concert at the 2017 “Jazz by the Sea” Festival at Homburg (Holland). The audience, about 400 people in this small church, didn’t make a noise while he was playing “Abide with Me”. Personally I saw and heard Trefor twice in a concert with the Revivalistst in 2015 at Domburg and in a Church concert at Brouwershaven (Holland) while he was playing with the Mason Band, somewhere in 2010. A great bass player went to heaven.

  2. John Stevens says:

    I have been an admirer of Trevor for over thirty years. I first heard him with Max Collie in the 80’s and then for many years with the New Orleans All Stars. A suberb musician, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. RIP Trevor.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    And such a sincere man, John. We became very close friends and my wife and I welcomed Trefor to stay overnight in our home more than once between gigs. His greeting was always a sincerely meant “God bless you”.

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