Capturing Cuff on Trumpet

Jazz Portrait of Cuff Billett on Trumpet

My jazz portrait of Cuff Billett captures him giving a rousing, virtuoso performance with The Lakefront Loungers at the Ken Colyer Trust 2008 Autumn Jazz Parade. Roguish, even eccentric, Cuff is famous for his superb talent and intense, intuitive, warm-toned style.

I completed Cuff’s jazz portrait a while ago but was spurred to display it again due to the interest of a new found American friend whose incredible wealth of knowledge and experience of traditional jazz spans the decades and even goes back to the greats and venues of bygone eras.
Cuff on Trumpet is one of his favourites.

Fine art print of the jazz portrait of Cuff Billett on Trumpet

Cuff Billett on Trumpet

Caressing the high notes
Pitching to low,
A jazz virtuoso
In enrapturing solo.
Improvisation off the cuff.
The trumpeter struts his stuff.

Fine Art Giclée Prints of this portrait can be available, with or without my descriptive poem. Simply email: [email protected]
if you are interested

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  1. Edward Black says:

    Peter – Congratulations: you’ve captured Cuff ‘King’ Billett’s eyes jus’ perfec’!

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