Sunday 24th February: Frogs in the Ellington Room …

No, not a conundrum!
A Walnut Tree Jazz Club Special! Be there!

The Frog Island Jazz Band is making a welcome return to the Ellington Room
at The Walnut Tree, Blisworth, this weekend:
12.00 til 2.30pm, Sunday, 24th February!

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Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Welcomes Back Dave Ware’s Hot Shots …

12 Noon Saturday 23rd February

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Already popular among Jazz&Jazz followers, it’s time to give a full feature and hearty welcome to Doolally Tap! Not so long ago, David Lalljee explained to me the origins of Doolally:

From the town of Deolali, the location of an army base and sanatorium where soldiers leaving India in the late 19th century were sent before leaving for home.
Those who became mentally deranged after contracting a fever, or Tap
in Urdu,
were said to have gone Doolally Tap.”

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A Touch of Jazz Nostalgia …

Featuring Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces

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Remembering Ivan

I received this sad message from my Jazzers friend Pamela Turner today:

“Hello Peter, Ivan’s granddaughter sent me this video of her Uncle Damien reading messages from us at the wake. Thought you might like to see it.” Pam.

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Jazz&Jazz Presents Plymouth Jazz Club’s March/April 2019 Programme

Founded 1984

Plymouth’s Premier Jazz Venue

Jazz&Jazz is delighted to support Plymouth Jazz Club.

*** *** ***

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Jazz@The Walnut Welcomes Back Adrian Cox “Profoundly Blue”

Sunday, 17th February, 12 Noon – 2.30pm

Walnut Tree Fans, let’s give Adrian, Gethin, Joe and Simon an even bigger welcome to

The Walnut than last year.

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Frog & Henry Enthral Walnut Tree Jazz Club Fans

Midway through their exhilarating February UK tour Frog & Henry were resoundingly applauded by enthralled fans at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, on
Sunday 10th February.

I met and filmed the band at Fest Jazz 2018 and at Blisworth I was able to film them for several more Jazz&Jazz YouTubes featuring their gripping performance which I feature below.

Their UK tour continues until Saturday, March 2nd. Visit Tour Dates 2019 for dates and venues.

Meantime, in no particular order, here is a selection of the Jazz&Jazz
Frog & Henry YouTubes filmed at The Walnut Tree.

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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Making Their Mark

Key to the increasing popularity of

Use the Link Below to
Visit the Jazz&Jazz YouTube Channel 


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“Take The A Train” with Jazz&Jazz Back to January, 2017

Just Reminiscing …!


Tina May at Bedford Golf Club with The Rachael Johnson Band, March, 2017.
Rachael Johnson (Piano), Alan Savage (Drums), Arnie Somogyi (Bass),
Steve O’Gorman (Sax). A Tad Newton Special, January, 2017.

Tina May

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos/YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)