Olney Jazz Club Welcomes back Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends

With Guest Star Julian Mark Stringle on Clarinet & Saxophone

8.00pm Tuesday 5th April

Featuring Gary Wood [trumpet/vocal], Mike Wills [clarinet/saxes],
Tomas Pederson [bass], Ronnie Fenn [drums], Alan Haughton [piano],
Tad Newton [trombone/vocal]: “Basin Street to Basie and Beyond!”

Special Guest Julian Marc Stringle [clarinet/sax]
Julian was voted best clarinettist at the British Jazz Awards in 2006, 2007 and 2019. His major influences have been Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Buddy De Franco. Julian’s highly melodic music and unique sound excites the jazz audience wherever he performs. ”The best clarinettist to emerge in British jazz in decades!” (Sir John Dankworth).

It’s been very gratifying that we have been able to provide some fabulous jazz nights for you at The Carlton House Club in recent months despite the trials and tribulations of current times. We have all enjoyed wonderful sessions recently with Graham Smith’s Jazz Allsorts and Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants. Long may this continue!

Although Government Covid restrictions are being eased I trust you agree that for the time being it’s sensible to be cautious, especially in the light of the current repeat in rising infections. We intend to continue monitoring our numbers carefully in order to keep everyone safe. We will also continue to exclude the raffle. And to reappraise circumstances as and when necessary.

All being well, we have some great bands and musicians in the pipeline for you including Andy Dickens Hot Gumbo, Harlem Big Band, ClarkeTracy/Alex Clarke Quartet.

Hopefully our next session at OJC on Tuesday April 5th will feature Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends with very special guest, the fantastic Julian Marc Stringle [clarinet/sax].

Our two previous sessions were disappointing as regards audience numbers and didn’t cover the costs of the bands/advertising etc.! We really do need to boost support. An audience of 70 plus is needed to make our sessions viable – more to continue to attract top class bands and musicians. 

Please try and come along if you can. Call me on 01604 858549 or email  [email protected]. Alternatively tickets are also available at Phonebox Magazine in Olney.

It would be a great shame if Olney Jazz Club were to be put in jeopardy in any way after all the fabulous evenings we have had over the years. Especially as we have some great sessions lined up for you, including: Andy Dickens’ Hot Gumbo, Harlem Big Band and Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends with special guest Julian Marc Stringle.

After the strife of so many months they need and deserve sell out concerts.

Wishing Olney and all Fans Happy Jazz ahead!
Tad Newton

John Petters announces his retirement from Live Gigs!

On 23rd October John Petters announced his retirement from live gigs with effect from his performance at St John’s Arts Centre, Old Harlow, on Saturday 30th October.

John explained: “The jazz scene has been decimated by Covid and there is no sign things will get better any time soon.”

“I intend to focus my attention on my radio show, jazz history, talks on jazz to U3As and any other groups. I will also be writing a column for ‘Radcom’, the journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain and other writing projects. Much as I love playing gigs, enjoying the company of my fellow musicians and meeting jazz fans, I do not like all the aggravation which goes with it. I’m weary of driving for hours and lugging my drums in and out of venues and driving home again after playing a high energy gig. I intend to spend much more time enjoying my hobby of amateur radio and other activities.”

Unquestably we will miss your live gigs John, so what better way to reminisce and depart with a flourish than by recapturing here on Jazz&Jazz a selection of numbers performed not so long ago at your mesmerising evening hosted by Tad Newton at Bedford Golf Club.

Accompanying John:
Richard Exall (Clarinet, Sax), Pete Rudeforth (Trumpet), Keith Donald (Bass), plus Ace Harlem Stride Pianist, Dave Browning.

Just for the fun of it why not visit an original Fats Waller number,
“This Joint Is Jumpin'” – jazz as it was in the thirties. Hold your breath!: https://youtu.be/LKe6yH3ZwGo
Thanks for your jazz “Petter’s Style”, John!
We really would welcome the occasional come back!

Peter M Butler, Editor Jazz&Jazz  
YouTubes© Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Remembering Colin Bowden

No need for words – his drums tell it all!

Recalling Banjo Maestro Nick Singer

YouTube No 59 in the Jazz&Jazz Covid 19 Blackout Buster Series

Nick was a personality in his own right. I have fond memories of his performances at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle and at the Ivy House, SE London, where he starred regularly with “Doolally Tap”.

Peter M Butler, Editor Jazz&Jazz  
YouTube© Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Jazz to Cheer the Soul!

YouTube No 58 in the Jazz&Jazz Covid 19 Blackout Buster Series

Midway through their exhilarating February, 2020, UK tour
Frog & Henry were resoundingly applauded by enthralled fans at
The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, on Sunday 10th February.

Following is a YouTube filmed for Jazz&Jazz on the occasion.

[Read more…]

Farewell Colin Kingwell!

The sad news reached me today that Colin Kingwell has, in words he would appreciate, shuffled off his mortal coil. I was flawed.
Colin always welcomed me to film him with his Jazz Bandits.

The last time I filmed the band was when Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle welcomed him back to their 2014 Festival. As ever, Colin and the band were on top form and his jokes and repartee
surpassed adoration.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz & Jazz

Farewell Chris Barber

“The sad news keeps on coming. Chris Barber has now joined
the band in the sky.”

Brian O’Connor

“Chris Barber OBE, one of the greatest figures in the history of British jazz, has sadly passed. For nearly 70 years, Chris led bands that covered many genres of jazz from New Orleans, the Blues, Rhythm & Blues and, of course, skiffle. A great servant to the jazz world who will be
hugely missed by jazz fans.”
National Jazz Archive

I was delightfully privileged to spend time in deep conversation with Chris not so long ago:
Thank you, Chris, for your massive contribution to Jazz. I managed to capture the YouTube featured in the link above from way back in The Gods in Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar. That same day Chris said we should get together to share the story of his life in jazz in full. I guess that now we will have to wait until another day!

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz & Jazz

“Cushion Foot Stomp”… YouTube Masterpiece: Sarah Spencer’s Covid 19 Global Ramblers

A fine example of jazz musicians combining their talents from different locations to compensate for the plight of the Covid19 live jazz shut down.
Thanks go to Sarah for her skill in compiling this
YouTube masterpiece.

Also to help fill the void whilst Covid19 casts its unwanted pall of silence over live jazz, I am currently featuring a series of my own Jazz&Jazz YouTubes filmed in happier days. These include Sarah playing with Mike Owen’s Scarlett’s Serenaders (below) shortly after her arrival
in the UK from the USA.

Mike (trombone), Sarah (Saxophone) , Brian Mellor (Banjo),
Brian Lawrence (bass) and Baby Jools (Drums).

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Confronting Covid19

Currently I am featuring selections of my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes filmed up until Covid19 struck to help fill the void in live jazz. Meantime musicians and bands are confronting the plague in their own uniquely effective ways.

Here is an example of a just one of their strategies to watch out for online.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

“I Found A New Baby”

YouTube No 49 in the Jazz&Jazz 
Covid 19 Blackout Buster Series

Emily Bacon and her Good Time Jazz Band at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth.
(Courtesy of Tad Newton)

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz