Filling the Void!

Jazz&Jazz confronts the Coronavirus Plague!

As fortune would have it, over the past few weeks at uncomfortable expense I have invested in ground breaking new equipment and software to upgrade my Jazz&Jazz features, YouTubes and promotions.

But to what avail, I asked myself, come the Coronavirus shut down. How long will it be before I can film live jazz again and even recoup my outlay?

But wait! Over the past five years I have filmed over 400 YouTubes featuring live jazz at a variety of events, with 880,700 plus views to date. I have already featured selections of these on Jazz&Jazz.

So I have decided to help fill the void for my Jazz&Jazz followers with a series of features rerunning selections of these YouTubes. Two of my latest posts have already set the ball rolling:
Long Live London’s Legendary 100 Club
Such Memories! Covent Garden’s Marching Band Days

Going back to the beginning, today’s offering features my very first attempt at a
Jazz&Jazz YouTube:
October, 2013: To the fans delight, The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, welcomed New Orleans Heat to their first visit.

More Jazz&Jazz YouTubes to follow, hopefully to help preserve sanity!

Peter M Butler

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