A Message From China…

Douglas Mitchinson is a mainstay of The Hornchurch Jazz Club, but is based in China. Following his recent update on the Club’s forthcoming programme, I asked him
how he and his wife are faring amidst the Coronavirus turmoil. Positive as ever,
he replied:

Hi Peter,

I haven’t been outside for a 10 days and I’m not planning to venture forth. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy and there are clarinets and saxes to blow.

My wife is suffering as she loves to go shopping and socialise, like all Chinese she is naturally gregarious. We can get stuff delivered, so we won’t go hungry or thirsty. 

If you go out you must wear a face mask at least, goggles and a coat are recommended, and your movements are restricted to essential places (if they’re open). There are some ingenious solutions:

I’m sure the government is getting on top of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia as it’s now called. Thousands of doctors and nurses are being drafted into Wuhan.

Douglas Mitchinson,
“The foreign devil blowing a black stick!”

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