Calling all Jazz&Jazz and Social Media Followers…

When I launched Jazz&Jazz back in 2009 and subsequently my related
Social Media and YouTube channels, I hadn’t anticipated that interest in my
‘Campaign for Jazz’ would reach such heights.

So much so that I’m concerned that the workload involved in keeping up with this increased online activity and the financial implications might result in the need to curtail aspects of my campaign.

One solution is to revert to my initial aim for Jazz&Jazz – to boost jazz by selectively featuring aspects which rivet attention – whether involving bands, musicians, clubs or festivals. But I fear that with the increased popularity of the site, “Topsy” took over. I began to receive spontaneous requests to feature bands, musicians, their music, clubs, events and festivals – with only the occasional offer to cover costs let alone sufficient contributions to help further my ‘Campaign for Jazz’. But the increasing workload did get my ‘Campaign for Jazz’ rolling like the proverbial river.

Spend a little time exploring Jazz&Jazz and you will be surprised to discover the volume of content that has built up over the past ten years.

As at 1st July, 2018:
1,247 posts / 1,244 Comments

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Lemsford Jazz Club
Administered as a service to the club. I lived in Lemsford village for 19 years.
Brian Smith (aka “Smiffy”) is a close friend.

(To date: 1980 Tweets, 324 Followers)

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Reviewing the Situation
Such are the pressures and increasing financial implications resulting from the excessive amount of time spent on my online presentations that I will have to bite the bullet and introduce limitations to such activities.

I need to get back to my initial intentions for Jazz&Jazz – i.e. selectively featuring bands, musicians, clubs and festivals, and aspects of jazz which capture my attention, to help boost interest in the music. All with links to my Social Media outlets and in particular
my YouTube site.

You will of course continue to find promotions for festivals, clubs, bands, events
and musicians on Jazz&Jazz. In most cases donations (in cash or kind) will have
been made for these to help cover costs and perhaps even to help build a
fighting fund for jazz.

 You can help support Jazz&Jazz by using the
Donate Button in the column to the right. 


Flashback to the wonderful times! L/R: Bob Thomas of Bob Thomas and The Thomcats, myself, Acker Bilk, Brian Smith of Lemsford Jazz Club.

Peter M Butler
Editor: Jazz&Jazz

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