High Praise from “Facebookers” for Jazz&Jazz

I published the following New Year message to members of my Facebook Jazzers Group just yesterday evening (9th January). It has already been widely acclaimed, demonstrating massive support for and appreciation
of Jazz & Jazz.


A New Year’s apology!
As Admin for the Jazzers Group and publisher of Jazz & Jazz.com PLUS keeping up with my other Facebook outlets, Twitter and Linkedin, besides my YouTube Channel, it’s simply impossible to keep up with and comment on all posts on Jazzers. Nor is it possible to keep up with or answer all messages, although I strive to feature on Jazz&Jazz certain requests messaged to me.
A Happy 2018 to you all!

Flashback to the Good Old Days! L/R: Bob Thomas of Bob Thomas and The Thomcats, Peter Butler, Acker Bilk, Brian Smith of Lemsford Jazz Club.

The feature rapidly received such a gratifying response that I have included a short selection of the comments received to date below.

Pamela Turner I think you do a brilliant job Peter. Thank you.

Alice Sibley We appreciate all that you do Peter in the name of jazz x

Peter Clifford You always do such a great job Peter, and so much of it I don’t know where you find the time to do it. I appreciate it ever so much. Fabulous!
I replied to Peter: I’m wondering that myself, Peter. Mind you, I’ll not forget your herculean effort to get me from Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle to The Duke of Cumberland in Whitstable to take in The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys and then back to Ramsgate to catch the second half of the closing session! https://www.jazzandjazz.com/?s=New+Orleans+Swamp+Donkey I need blokes
like you around!
Martin Adams It is all much appreciated Peter, it helps keep me in touch.
Ivan Halloran Without your hard work, Peter, if you were out of the picture, my computer would be boring and lifeless. Please don’t ever leave us!
John Healy Your Herculean efforts are amazing Peter and very much appreciated.
Peter Treger Admin extraordinaire keeps the jolly old ship afloat and for this sterling effort we all applaud Capn. Butler. Roll on 2019!!!
Peter M Butler

Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Colin Wood says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for all your work which helps to keep an old (semi) retired pro pianist in touch.
    The photo of Ack & you was taken at the Wyllyots centre, as I’m sure you recall, & I was in Ack’s band that day, (as I was for 36 years). I don’t remember the weather that day, but AB insisted on the band bus picking him up from his house, five minutes walk away from Wyllyots
    A few months later we played in a marquee in Ack’s next door neighbour’s garden and all the band made the bus pick AB up from his house & reverse the twenty or so yards to the house, to hilarity all round.
    Cheers, Colin

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Wonderful, Colin! That’s an Acker Classic! Also, it’s good that you are a member of my Facebook Jazzers Group.

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