Featuring Treasured Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: Barry Palser Presents “That Dada Strain”


Barry Palser’s Super Six Jazz Band at Bedford Jazz Club

Part 3 in the New Series Featuring


Jazz&Jazz YouTubes

Over the past three years I have travelled far and wide filming jazz bands and musicians at various venues including clubs, festivals, theatres and special events. In that time I have produced around 1,500 videos from which I have so far created well over 700 YouTubes. When time permits I enjoy browsing through them on my Jazz & Jazz YouTube Site.

But rather than just keep them listed there I’ve decided on a new series of periodical Jazz&Jazz posts featuring  a selection of my favourites. Not in date order nor necessarily based on video quality – top quality isn’t easily achievable at crowded jazz venues – but on shere enjoyment of the performances, the music, the appreciation of the fans, and the enthusiasm and rapport of the musicians and bands.


This is a flashback to a Tad Newton Presentation at The Bedford Golf Club, on 27th March, 2014. with Barry Palser (trombone), John Crocker (sax and clarinet, vocals, ex Chris Barber Band), Alan Gresty (trumpet and vocals, ex Monty Sunshine Band), Harvey Weston (bass, ex Alex Welsh Band), and Tony Pitt (banjo, ex Kenny Ball, Terry Lightfoot Bands) and Barry’s own dynamic drummer, John Tyson.

First in the series was “Davenport Blues” with Alan Gresty and Tony Pitt.
Part 2: Denise Gordon and Roy Williams “Sugar”!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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