Mike Durham’s Classic Party 2014


Ginny and I were delighted to meet Patti Durham at Fest Jazz in Brittany in July. She was great company and along with Norman Gibson and Barry Pryme and their wives we formed firm friendships.

Patti gave us flyers promoting her late husband, Mike Durham’s Classic Party 2014. Mike was such a force in jazz that it’s wonderful that the event still carries his name. So although it’s not until November, when I learnt that numbers are limited and bookings are coming in fast, I decided to feature it on Jazz&Jazz.

Below are images of the flyer, but for the full programme best visit http://www.whitleybayjazzfest.org




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  1. SID ANNING says:

    Dear Peter,

    It’s my Brother Len’s 80th Birthday in a couple of months time, and most of his life has been an avid Jazz fan. One song when he was young and started getting into Jazz which used to drive our parents mad with a song called ‘Caldonia’ – don’t ask me who wrote it, but I can here my Mother saying ‘Len, turn that record player down” as he was in the ‘best room’ – remember them Peter ?

    Anyhow, I was going to get a portrait done of him but it would cost too much so I am looking for a decent Jazz print of say a Jazz Band, or either a famous individual. Have looked on line but was wondering if you could help me by suggested a website.

    Thanks Peter, keep up the good work,


  2. Peter Butler says:

    Dear Sid

    Good to hear from you again and thanks for the compliment. One suggestion would be that you look at my portraits of jazz musicians under the JAZZ ART heading. You’ll see that I produce Fine Art Giclée prints of these for reasonable prices. There’s a selection there to choose from – and even a caricature painting of Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band which he commissioned – it was on his flyers handed out at the Seaside Shuffle festival.

    I’ve been so deep into helping promote jazz recently that, along with a move of house and downsize, I haven’t painted for some months and must get back to it.

    Hope this helps


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