Piggly Wiggly and Papa De-Da-Da Bring the Frog Islanders Rapturous Applause!

John Whitehead (cornet), Nick Singer (banjo), Rob Fullalove (tuba) and John Jeans (trombone)

Peartree Jazz Club fans gave a rapturous welcome back to The Frog Island Jazz Band for their Monday, 15th April Club Night in Welwyn Garden City.

With their repertoire of Classic New Orleans Jazz from the 1920’s and 30’s, the Frogs bring a refreshing change to the post war Traditional Jazz of the 1950’s and 60’s. Their’s is the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Johnny Dodds, Papa Celestin and King Oliver. I would go so far as to say that The Frog Island Band all but stand alone in taking us back to the wonderful music of that all but forgotten era. Founded in 1962 the band has just celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary and is performing as powerfully and sublimely as ever.

Two solo performances truly captured the essence of 1920’s jazz. Rob Fullalove cast aside his beloved tuba to deliver his very own rendition of Clarence Williams’ vocal “Papa De-Da-Da”.  And Jim Hurd, note perfect on clarinet, brought the house down with John Dodds’ “Piggly Wiggly”,  famously written in 1929 in “honour” of the first ever supermarket chain in the USA.

John Whitehead

John Jeans – full reach!










Keith Durston

Rob Fullalove











Jim Hurd

Nick Singer











Chris Marchant andante … 

…… and prestissimo









Rob Fullalove in his very own rendition of Papa De-Da-Da

That’s Jazz!







Photos © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Peartree Club Night

Monday, 20th May, 2013
New to the Peartree – Not to be missed!

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