Frenchmen Street Jazz Band

In the course of booking them for the 2012 Autumn Parade at Hemsby, Norfolk, Pete Lay introduced

Chris Pearce’s

Frenchmen Street Jazz Band

to Jazz&Jazz. So what better than to feature the band here and at the same time give some advanced publicity to The Autumn Parade billed for 28th September to 1st October, 2012.

Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Jazz Band

Left to Right: Tony Davis, Trumpet; Graham Smith, Drums; Roger Davis, Bass; Chris Pearce, Leader, Reeds; Phil Probert, Guitar/Banjo; Richard Leach, Trombone.

Over the years, Chris starred with numerous bands before forming the Frenchmen Street Band in 2002 after a trip to New Orleans when he stayed above the famous “Snug Harbour” Jazz Club on Frenchmen Street. So now you’ve got the connection!

You can discover much more about Chris and his band on their website at:

All that remains is for an early opportunity for Jazz&Jazz to capture The Frenchmen Street Band on camera, perchance to be added to the growing list for future portraits.

Full details about the Autumn Jazz Parade can be found under Autumn Jazz Parade 2012.


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  1. Chris pearce says:

    Good Luck with this venture,Peter.The Band is really looking forward to embarking on its first full year of gigs in 2012 and meeting the people who make it all possible.The audience is our bread and butter and I would welcome comments on what they think bands should be doing to improve. IE;repertoire , appearance etc. so please Email me !!
    Chris Pearce

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Excellent! That’s just what I’m aiming for – audience response and participation to give a boost to trad jazz. So I’ll go all out to get Jazz&Jazz “out there” to get the fans involved as I don’t think any other jazz website quite does that. And of course, input from the bands would be very welcome too. Jazz&Jazz hasn’t been going that long, so thank, Chris, for getting the ball rolling. I’ll email you soon with more thoughts.


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