In Lieu of Live Jazz 13: “Eh La Bas” (Hey Over There!)

“So absolutely American Southern.”
Well said, QTee (YouTube Subscriber).

Jazz&Jazz continues to compensate for the Coronavirus Live Jazz Blackout with selections from earlier Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. Sometimes it’s not easy to decide which of my Live Jazz YouTubes to include next. “QTee” made the decision easy for Lucky 13 with the comment above.
Cute indeed! Enjoy!

“Eh La Bas” is a traditional New Orleans song. Originally it was sung with Creole lyrics but was later given French lyrics and the French title. On this YouTube Sarah Spencer and Mike Owen rip into it with gusto at Bedford Golf Club, Thursday, 25th May, 2014. Sarah had recently returned from a spell in America, during which New Orleans jazz had woven a spell over her.
Hence QTee’s comment!

Mike Owen (trombone), Sarah Spencer (Saxophone), Brian Mellor (Banjo), Baby Jools (Drums) and Brian Lawrence (bass). Thanks to Tad Newton for helping keep great jazz live and alive in Bedfordshire. Featured on Jazz&Jazz:

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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