“Filling the Coronavirus Void” Continued…

On 31st March I posted the first feature in my Jazz&Jazz series subtitled
“Jazz&Jazz confronts the Coronavirus Plague!”

In it I announced my intention to launch a sequence of posts presenting my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes with the introduction: “Over the past five years I have filmed over 400 YouTubes featuring live jazz at a variety of events and locations. To date these have been viewed by 900 thousand plus jazz enthusiasts. I have already featured selections of these on Jazz&Jazz.”

Now my plan is to re-feature these YouTubes in a series of posts here on Jazz&Jazz, shared across my Social Media links, to help mitigate the ongoing void of live jazz.

Brian Carrick

In this Jazz&Jazz YouTube Brian Carrick’s “Algiers Stompers”, with
Trefor Williams guesting on bass, echo the magical atmosphere at
The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, on 18th November, 2013.

Brian Carrick (clt, sax), Peter Wright (tpt),
Chas Hudson (tmb), Bob Rowbotham (bjo),
Trefor Williams (bass), Andrew Hall (dms),
Gabrielle Gad (pno).

Trefor and I became firm friends. He helped reintroduce me to all things jazz after my years in the wilderness of a “career induced” absence. He was a very welcome overnight guest at our home between gigs and always urged me to “keep doing what you are doing for jazz!” His words
“God bless you!” still echo for me to this day.

Earlier on, before my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes took over, it was my whim to try my hand at
painting portraits of jazz musicians. Trefor, along with Big Bertha his double bass
just had to be one of my first studies!

Double Bass Ace

“Fingers” Williams
Setting the pace
Passion in action
Double bass ace.
Joyous Jazz Fusion
In tonal embrace.

How could I not have been inspired by Trefor ‘Fingers’ Williams’ intensely passionate performances on Bertha, his double bass, at the 2008 Ken Colyer Trust Jazz Parade? Trefor was a driving and inventive player who added sympathetic support and superlative solo work to the dynamics of jazz.

Peter M Butler

(Photos, Prints & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. Norm888 says:

    I spoke to Brian a few weeks back, and was pleased he was recovered and feeling good, after three years since his near death experience, sepsis and God knows what else. He was telling me he is playing a bit again, but needed a bit of dental work doing. With this Covid-19 and lockdown I don’t know if he managed to get that done in time. His hope at that time was to get a first gig arranged for June, but that would appear now to be wishful thinking. Nice man Brian and it will be good to meet up whenever it happens to be. Norm888

  2. Peter Butler says:

    So pleased to receive this update from you on Brian, Norman. He has been on my mind – the more so when I submitted this feature. How are both of you?

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